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Electric VW Trinity To Be Built At A New $2.2-Billion Factory

The new factory will rise near the main plant in Wolfsburg.

Volkswagen has stated that it has passed a resolution authorising the construction of a new factory to produce the Trinity, a planned all-electric vehicle. The next flagship vehicle, which will lead the next generation of zero-emission VW cars, was first unveiled in 2021.

The new factory will be located near VW’s Wolfsburg headquarters. It’s an important part of Volkswagen’s largest modernisation initiative in the company’s history. According to VW, the investment totals roughly €2 billion ($2.2 billion) at current exchange rates.

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“The Supervisory Board’s decision represents a significant step forward in the evolution of our brand and the future of our Wolfsburg production facility. As a result, the main plant’s competitiveness is strengthened and maintained, and the staff has a solid long-term outlook “Ralf Brandstätter, the CEO of Volkswagen, stated.

“With Trinity and the new facility, we are setting new standards in the automotive industry and transforming Wolfsburg into a global leader in cutting-edge and efficient vehicle production. This reinforces that Germany’s economic transformation into an industrial powerhouse is possible.”

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Construction on the Trinity’s new Wolfburg plant is expected to commence in spring 2023. Building and environmental regulations will be taken into account, ensuring that the new location meets stringent environmental requirements.

VW also stated that the Trinity will be completed in 2026. The net carbon neutral vehicle is supposed to be constructed utilising the most cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and will serve as a model for the progressive transformation of all other Volkswagen manufacturing facilities across the world. The target vehicle manufacturing time is 10 hours.

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The Trinity, according to VW, will be ready for Level 4 autonomous driving at launch, with a quick charging time and a range of more than 700 kilometres (435 miles).

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