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Elon Musk Dances Again As He Delivers First Berlin-Made Model Ys

Tesla’s CEO demonstrated some of his dance moves to a Giga Berlin audience that included German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Elon Musk has continued the Tesla tradition of celebrating the opening of a new plant with a dance, demonstrating some of his routines to the audience at Giga Berlin, which included Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Musk’s excitement is justified following two years of construction, during which the Gigafactory Berlin project faced numerous challenges. Thankfully, that is now past, allowing Elon to enjoy the moment that Tesla fans and shareholders have been waiting for: the first customer deliveries of Tesla Model Y electric vehicles manufactured in Germany.

Elon in a cheerful mood dancing for a time while handing over Model Ys to clients in videos filmed at the plant display. Musk personally presented a total of 30 vehicles, each of which was autographed by the eccentric CEO. Custom plates ranging from “GIGA 001” to “GIGA 030” were installed on the vehicles.

As each Model Y owner’s car arrived at the distribution location, the crowd erupted in applause as Elon danced to the track chosen by them.

We couldn’t tell from the videos whether German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was still present to see Musk’s dance routines, which would have been a great photo op.
Giga Berlin was supposed to open eight months ago, but it was postponed due to environmental concerns, particularly regarding the site’s water supply, and regulatory permissions. Although progress has been slower than anticipated, the tides have turned this year, and Tesla is now able to supply European markets with German-built Tesla Model Ys, freeing up production capacity in China and the United States for other markets.

Elon Musk thanked Germany and everyone involved for making Giga Berlin possible in a short speech before the audience and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (see it in the Tesla Welt YouTube video below) and promised that Tesla would make sure the new plant is a gem for the area, Germany, Europe, and the world. He also announced that Megapacks would be built by Giga Berlin.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also acknowledged the importance of Tesla’s investment in Germany.

Source: InsideEV

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