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EVGateway Launches Operation In India

US Based EV Solution Startup Begins Operation In India

EVGateway, a start-up located in the United States that specialises in EV solution setup, has announced the opening of its operations in India. The business will supply charging technologies in the Indian EV sector to help drivers and charger owners adopt electric vehicles by providing simple-to-use solutions. EVGateway offers efficient EV charging management services to customers across a wide range of sectors and charging needs. Charger management features include OCPP and OCPI functionality, a web portal, demand response capabilities, a driver-facing mobile app, smart charging, and fleet management services, among others. These characteristics are integrated with electric cars, energy management systems, and telematics capabilities by the firm.

EVGateway All Set For Indian Market

According to Reddy Marri, President of EvGateway, “Our Global experience of integration of various technologies like telematics, V2G, CRMs into our SAAS platform enable us to provide effective solutions to clients of all sizes and adapt to every changing scenario. A significant portion of the product was developed at our Development Centre in India and we continue to enhance the products from here. Along with the US team, we offer 24×7 support for the product from Hyderabad (We offer 24×7 support for the product from Hyderabad through our collective effort with the US team). It is indeed a moment of pride for us that we are finally bringing our product to India and contribute to its EV initiatives.”

EvGateway will provide comprehensive controls and capabilities to fleet operators, major corporations, and charging station owners, allowing them to manage and optimise their own EV infrastructure more effectively.

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