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Evolution of Infernus in GTA Series

Infernus has been a very popular car in Grand Theft Auto Series. It is regarded as the fastest car in the game in the 3D universe. Many cars are faster than it in the HD Universe, but it is the Infernus that everyone still remembers. It has been the poster child of Vice City and since been popular among people as ‘the’ sports car to drive in GTA games. Let’s take a look at the Evolution of Infernus in the GTA Series:-

  • 3D Universe
    • GTA 3 and Liberty City Stories
    • Vice City and Vice City Stories
    • San Andreas
  • HD Universe
  • Beta Models
  • Trivia

3D Universe

GTA 3 and Liberty City Stories

In Liberty City, the Infernus is based on the Lamborghini Diablo. Some design cues of Ferrari F50 and Jaguar XJ220 can also be spotted. It is one of the best sports cars in the game. The Infernus is best for races, stunts and regular city driving. It gets rear-wheel-drive transmission in GTA III and LCS.

Vice City and Vice City Stories

In Both Games, the Infernus is based on the Lamborghini Countach. Its beta model looks more similar to the Countach than the in-game model though. It gets bulged headlamps and an integrated spoiler. In Vice City Stories, it gets AWD with a 20-80 torque distribution. The car shares its engine with Banshee in VC and Stinger in VCS.

San Andreas

The San Andreas Infernus resembles the Honda NSX as well as the Cizetta Moroder V16T. It can only have a monotone colour. Modification is possible in the TransFender garage. It also gets all-wheel-drive like Vice City.

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HD Universe

In the HD universe, there is not much evolution of Infernus. Now manufactured by Pegassi, the Infernus looks more like the first-gen Lamborghini Murcielago from the front and the Pagani Zonda C12 from the rear. It is now a mid-engine model. It now gets scissor doors, unlike its predecessors. The GTA IV and V versions are mostly identical, the only difference being the rim and interior design. It is one of the best racing cars, but there is some understeer in GTA IV at high speeds. In GTA V, it oversteers. The website in GTA V says that it makes 610 HP. It has a top speed of 120 mph. Its braking stats are very poor though.

Beta Models

Evolution of Infernus in Grand Theft Auto Series
  • The Beta name of the Infernus during the development of GTA III was Dyablo, bearing resemblance to its inspiration. It also did not have a spoiler attached to it.
  • In GTA VC, the beta model was closer to the Countach than the final one. It had rectangular lights and a bigger spoiler.
  • In GTA IV, the Infernus had body-coloured light housings in beta unlike the carbon fibre ones in the final version. It also had an extra set of square-shaped lights.

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Evolution of Infernus in Grand Theft Auto Series
  • The Infernus is the most expensive car in GTA IV with a price tag of $150,000.
  • In GTA V, it costs $440,000 on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos.
  • The Infernus in which Victor Vance does stunts in GTA Vice City Stories’ mission ‘Accidents will happen’ is explosion-proof.
  • Till GTA IV, every game has a list in which some person or company wants cars for some specific cause. Every list has Infernus in it.
  • Lance Vance owns a white Infernus in which he usually shows up and it is later owned by Tommy Vercetti in Vice City after Lance’s death.
  • The Infernus Classic model in GTA V is a throwback to the old models from the 3D universe.
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That’s it for the evolution of Infernus in the GTA series. Let’s see where Rockstar takes its design in the next game…..

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