Ferrari F8 Tributo & F8 Spider Can’t Be Ordered Anymore

Ferrari F8 Tributo & F8 Spider Can't Be Ordered Anymore
Ferrari F8 Tributo & F8 Spider Can't Be Ordered Anymore

An official explanation has not been provided.

The number of automobiles sold by Ferrari in 2021 was 11,115, a new high for the Maranello team. V8-powered model deliveries increased by 34.6 percent year over year, indicating that vehicles like the F8 Tributo and Spider were in great demand. The two were, in fact, the company’s best-selling products in Europe last year, but they’re no longer on the market.

According to Automotive News Europe, Ferrari’s product manager for the sports car class, Jacopo Marcon, confirmed the decision to stop selling the F8 pair. Although no official reason has been given, CEO Benedetto Vigna stated last month that the company is experiencing its “strongest ever order book in history,” which will keep the Prancing Horse busy “far beyond 2023.” This could indicate that the remaining production run of the two automobiles has already been sold. However, the Italian manufacturer has yet to confirm this.

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Given that customer deliveries of the 296 GTB have begun and the 296 Spider is just around the bend, it appears feasible. Even a company like Ferrari has to reduce and electrify to fulfil severe emissions standards, thus the plug-in hybrid V6 vehicles are expected to effectively replace the F8s. Despite having two less cylinders, the new 296 versions have higher power because to an electric motor.

Jacopo Marcon, speaking at an event for the 296 GTB, stated that manufacture of the F8 Tributo and Spider will continue. He did not, however, say when the two would leave the assembly line. Ferrari will still have the Roma, Portofino M, and SF90 Stradale / Spider as V8-powered machines when the two are discontinued, as well as the planned Purosangue SUV.

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It has also stated that the V12 engine will be retained, delivering even more power than the 830-hp Competizione / Competizione A. Of course, we’re looking forward to seeing a LaFerrari successor in the future.

Meanwhile, we’re contacting Ferrari to see what it has planned for the F8 Tributo and F8 Spider.  We will update the article if we’ll get a reply. (

Source: Automotive News Europe