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Ferrari Girl of India – Nargis Kazerooni

There are some women who have the superpower to be extra focused and diligent to make a mark in scenarios which are considered socially favourable for men. Nargis Kazerooni is one of them.

Meet Nargis Kazerooni, a woman of impeccable style who works for a brand many luxury and car enthusiasts can only dream of! Nargis is a ‘Ferrari Employee’ in an industry which has the predisposed dogma of being male-centric. Ferrari is one of the most sought-after luxury brands globally. So being a part of such an organization obviously meant a lot for Nargis. “I knew I was entering a male-dominated industry, and I knew it would be challenging,” she says. “I thrive on challenges and once hired, I was a customer relationship manager which required me to learn about the brand in and out. History, car specifications and of course, the pricing. Within a few months, I was looking into sales as well!” Some people do mention that she was quite lucky to work with such a brand, to which she replies, “People often tell me how lucky I am to work for this brand, yes I do agree! I am extremely lucky and for that, I thank a lot of people who were involved in training me to be who I am today. Especially, my colleagues, they have been the most supportive of me.” While being humble, diligent and driven, Nargis’s dream is one day to own a Ferrari for herself!
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