Ferrari Launches Its V6 Plugin Hybrid Super Car | 2021 Ferrari 296 GTB


2021 Ferrari 296 GTB puts out 840hp

On 24th June 2021, Ferrari Launched its V6 Hybrid supercar named the Ferrari 296 GTB. This car is been long-awaited even before the launch of the SF90 and the F8 Tributo. Came the rumors came to be true about a hybrid from Ferrari. This car also looks similar to the F8 also now called the baby SF90 with more hybrid tech loaded in the car boosting the power up to 830 horsepowers. This is the first v6 powered Ferrari since the Dino 60 which went out of production in 1994.

Ferrari 296 GTBKey Technical Specifications
Engine2.96 L Twin-Turbo V6 with One electric motor
Horsepower840 HP
Top speed205 mph
0-60 mph2.7 secs

Ferrari 296 GTB : Design

Ferrari 296 GTB

The new 296 looks more like a smaller SF90 with quite a similar design. It has smaller headlights with DRL on it and has air intakes too. The car has 20-inch alloy wheels that look great over the car. At the back, it has similar four square taillights as the SF90 with a center exhaust.

Ferrari 296 GTB : Interior

Ferrari 296 GTB

Ferrari has made the interior amazing, with more advanced features. The dashboard is completely of buttons with on central infotainment screen. If you want to use it then you can use the digital driver’s display and it also has a separate speedo meter for the passenger as well.

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Ferrari 296 GTB : Engine

Ferrari 296 GTB

For the 296 GTB, Ferrari has fitted a 2.96L Twin-Turbocharged V6 with a single electric motor. The engine might be smaller than the F8 Tributo but has more power. The v6 powers the rear wheels and the electric motor for the front produce 840 horsepower with 740 Nm. The 298 GTB can do 0-60 mph in 2.9secs and 120mph in 7.3 secs with a top speed of 205 mph.

Ferrari 296 GTB : Chassis

Ferrari 296 GTB

This Ferrari is power by a 7.45kWhr battery with a 15mile of electric only range. Despite the electric tech, the 296 weighs over 1470 kg with makes just 35kg more than the F8 Tributo and 28 kg less than the McLaren Artur.

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Edition : Assetto Fiorano

Ferrari 296 GTB

The GTB comes with a optional Assetto Fiorano pack. The pack includes some carbon fiber panels and fins, race suspension, and liveries as well. It will also have the Michelin ultra-sticky Cup 2 tries increasing the grip.

Ferrari 296 GTB : Price & Release Date

Ferrari 296 GTB

The car can book right now and will be handed over till 2022 to the owner. The entry-level car will cost about $ 32,000 USD with a top model costing about $41,000 USD with the Assetto Fiorano pack.

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Which Ferrari is fully electric?

The Ferrari 298 GTB is Ferrari’s V6 Hybrid can powered with one electric motor, total with 840 horsepower.

Latest Ferrari made?

Ferrari launched it v6 engine car called the 296 GTB named after it’s 2.96 liter engine

How many horsepower does Ferrari 296 GTB have?

The 296 GTB has over 840 Horsepower with 740Nm Torque.


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