Ferrari Purosangue SUV confirmed for September debut with naturally aspirated V12

Purosangue, First Ever Ferrari Suv, Confirmed For September Debut
Purosangue, First Ever Ferrari Suv, Confirmed For September Debut

Ferrari Purosangue will have a V12 engine at its core but the specifications have not yet been revealed.

Ferrari Purosangue is the first-ever SUV from the iconic makers of some of the fastest cars on the planet.

The wait for Ferrari Purosangue is set to end soon with the manufacturer of some of the most iconic sportscars in the world confirming that the first-ever Ferrari SUV will be unveiled in all its glory come September. But while Ferrari is pumping in money to play a big role in electric mobility, the Ferrari Purosangue will not be powered by batteries but the much-acclaimed V12 engine will find a place in its core.

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Ferarri Purosangue is a much-awaited offering from the Italians even if it has divided opinions among die-hard fans of the brand. While many feel that Ferrari is steering away from its traditions by taking the SUV route, others see it as a thrilling prospect. For Ferrari though, the Purosangue is a super exclusive production addition to the portfolio, one that could potentially help revenue streams. After all, the resounding – and continuing success of Lamborghini Urus is for all to see.

But while Urus sells in good numbers and is now the best-selling Lamborghini the world over, the Ferrari Purosangue will be a super-exclusive offering with limited numbers planned for a roll out. In fact, reports suggest that of all Ferrari deliveries a year, Purosangue would only account for around 20 per cent. 

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Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna poses for a photograph as Ferrari unveils a new long term strategy, in Maranello, Italy, (REUTERS) 

Persisting with a V12 engine inside Purosangue – the power specifics havenot yet been revealed – is also seen as a solid move to keep purists pleased at a time when Ferrari has confirmed it plans to invest around 4.4 billion euros or $4.6 billion to develop fully electric and plug-in hybrid models. The Prancing Horse is aiming for 60 per cent of all its models to also come with either hybrid or all-electric powertrains by 2026.

In the lead up to September though, all eyes would be on Ferrari Purosangue that will take on the likes of Urus and rivals from Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin. 

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