Ferrari Revealed Its New Supercar ! Most Powerful Ferrari Ever


Ferrari has displayed its new limited edition supercar based on the 812 Superfast. Powerd by V-12 it is expected to get the most powerful naturally aspirated engine. So it is likely to be produced in limited numbers. As a result it will get pricey. Though the name for the new Ferrari’s limited production supercar is to be announced on May 5.

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What we know so far ?

The new super car will get 65-degree V12 engine, producing 830 HP. Making it Ferrari’s most powerful, production, naturally aspirated engine ever made. Ferrari has worked upon the exhaust system. It have also got a updated Side Slip Control, rear-wheel steering and valve timing mechanism.

Ferrari to reveal new supercar based on 812 superfast

The new Ferrari has do got some cosmetic updates. It has got all new front air intakes and a brand new rear diffuser. The company also worked upon reducing the weight of the car as compared to the 812 superfast. As aero update along with dynamic front bumper and splitter, and a carbon blade runs across the bonnet, it has got all new vortex generators. The exhaust tips are placed vertically at each edge of the diffuser, and fir the very first time they are rectangular. Ferrari has claimed to offer more downforce than the earlier 812 superfast. All this visual updates make it look more bold and aggressive.

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Bottom line

Although we have a few details of the new Ferrari, it will be revealed on May 5. All the technical specifications will be shared on company’s social platforms. As we mentioned earlier this will be produced in limited numbers we may see few of them in India as well. We expect to be priced not less than Rs. 10 Crore. A rush excitement for all enthusiasts out there !

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