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Fire At Electric Scooter Showroom, 9 Vehicles Destroyed

The market for electric vehicles, particularly two-wheelers, has expanded significantly over the past few years. In India, there are numerous new and established electric scooter manufacturers. There have also been reports of electric vehicle fires and other mishaps in various Indian states. The most recent reports are out of Kerala’s Kozhikode district, where a showroom for electric two-wheelers caught fire. Nearly 9 vehicles were destroyed in the showroom by the fire.

Asianet news posted the video to their YouTube channel. The showroom was completely destroyed by the fire, as seen in the video report. The incident took place in a showroom for Exxon Motors’ Komaki electric two-wheelers on the Kozhikode-Wayanad road. In front of Fathvima Hospital, in MN Tower, is where the dealership is situated. According to the report, an electric scooter that was brought to the dealership for maintenance caused the fire. When the incident occurred, there were numerous other electric bikes and scooters parked in the service area.

Fire at electric scooter showroom destroys 9 vehicles

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Why Electric Scooter Catches Fire

One of the cars that was brought to the service station had a battery problem. The technicians were testing each of the scooters individually because there were several of them in the dealership that had a battery problem when they arrived. While the testing was going on, a battery on one of the scooters that was parked in the service area burst, and there was smoke and fire right away. The nearby parked cars were also affected by the fire. The dealership quickly filled with smoke, drawing attention from nearby onlookers.

Locals only alerted the Beach Fire Force, and two fire brigade units sped to the scene and quickly put out the fire. A significant accident was avoided thanks to prompt government action. The accident report doesn’t mention whether any workers or clients were hurt. Nine electric vehicles in total have been completely destroyed as a result of the fire spreading to other vehicles parked in the showroom. For the showroom, a loss of about Rs 17 lakh is anticipated. Five of the burning vehicles were brand-new automobiles. In addition to the 9 scooters, 3 scooters suffered some fire damage.

Other Instances Of Fire In India

Ather Says Fire at Electric Scooter Showroom Was Caused by Damaged Battery  Pack, One-Off Incident - MySmartPrice

In India, electric vehicle fires have become a frequent occurrence. The Indian government launched an investigation to determine the cause of these EV fires for the same reason. According to the Defence Research & Development Organization, the problem is with the EV modules and battery design. According to DRDO, the fire is being brought on by the EV batteries’ poor design. When manufacturers use cheap materials to cut production costs, these flaws develop. Electric scooters made by companies like Ola, Okinawa, Ather, and Pure EV have all previously caught fire.

To make sure that the EVs meet standards and provide a comparable level of quality, the central government is also developing new regulations for EV manufacturers. Not only electric two-wheelers have gained popularity in India. A Tata Nexon caught fire in Maharashtra as well, and the manufacturer came forward to say that a thorough investigation had been ordered to determine the precise cause of the fire.

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