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Ford Bronco Doesn’t Look Too Worse For Wear After Rolling At Moab

Just as if nothing happened. Wow.

The Ford Bronco was designed to take on Moab’s punishing trails. The Bronc was seen scaling rock walls, going virtually vertical, and owning the Hell’s Revenge trail almost immediately after its release. Even Bronco Sport, which is based in Escape, got in on the action with some rock-crawling expeditions of its own.

That’s why we weren’t too concerned when we watched Bronc Buster Texas’s Moab video on TikTok. We expected the white Bronco to simply climb the obstacle because it wasn’t the first time… but it didn’t.

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The white Bronco appears to have lost its power while attempting to complete the climb, as seen in the footage. It then slowly drifted down the slope, eventually collapsing on its side at the bottom. The off-roader appears to have sustained significant damage as a result of the accident.

Thankfully, the TikTok user followed up with another video showing the aftermath. Actually, it wasn’t all that horrible. The only issue was the differential fluids that leaked when the SUV turned sideways, aside from minor scrapes on the body and a smashed left side mirror. Quite common, but not particularly serious.

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Tyler, which is half of the Bronc Buster couple, also explained what happened. Apparently, the engine died at the top, which was why he couldn’t do anything about it as he rolled down the steep hill.

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Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure this guy just stood up and dusted off as if nothing happened. In fact, you can see the very same Bronco still conquering trails right after the incident – in a response to haters commenting on his initial video.@txbroncbuster Reply to @ethandolny ♬ Back In Black – AC/DC

Source: txbroncbuster (TikTok) via Road & Track

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