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Ford Patents Hydrogen-Powered Engine That Could Save The V8

Many automakers have rushed to develop electric vehicles (EVs), leaving alternative “green” choices such as hydrogen in the dust. However, not all races are sprints, and hydrogen, like the tortoise and the hare, may be creeping up slowly.

Ford has patented a turbocharged direct injection hydrogen-combustion engine design, according to paperwork first uncovered by Muscle Cars and Trucks, which could alleviate pre-detonation concerns that can occur with hydrogen as a fuel.

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Rather than a fully functional engine, Ford’s patent outlines how it intends to blend air and fuel at the appropriate time for maximum efficiency.

To put it another way, hydrogen enjoys exploding, therefore managing when it does is critical. If the engine doesn’t get the right balance of air and fuel, the fuel can detonate too soon, resulting in engine knock, power loss, and even damage.

The air and fuel are controlled individually in Ford’s architecture, with direct injection for the fuel and fully variable exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for the air. Variable valve timing also aids in regulating the amount of time that air and fuel spend in the combustion chamber.

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When greater torque is necessary to reduce combustion temperature, the system can boost EGR flow, preventing early explosions. When less torque is required, EGR flow is reduced, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption.

While Ford’s patent only illustrates one cylinder, it’s not out of the question that the company wants to expand the technology up to include numerous cylinders in the future. If we’re lucky, the brand might release a hydrogen-powered V8, extending the life of sports vehicles like the Mustang for years to come.

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For many sports car enthusiasts, electrification means the end of the road. However, if manufacturers like Toyota and Ford can lead the way with hydrogen-combustion power, enthusiasts may be able to enjoy the sound and power delivery of a traditional internal combustion engine without relying on non-renewable energy.

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