Fordzilla Hypervan: Road-Ready Dune Buggy Concepts

The Fordzilla Hypervan is a modernised dune buggy concept designed by Keyu Deng, an automotive design student who is interested in how cutting-edge technologies and art can blend into future transportation solutions.

He envisioned this concept Ford as a well-balanced vehicle with off-roading, racing, and city commuter elements. The Fordzilla Hypervan’s stated goal was to “create an exciting gaming vehicle and experience that introduces the Ford brand to a new generation.”

With its aerodynamic body and gorgeous all-glass gull-winged doors, it’s clear that the aesthetics are more indicative of the vehicle’s racing and city commuter personalities.

These doors appear to complement the windshield and panoramic glass roof, giving the vehicle an airy feel. Moving to the back of the two-seater, we notice that the rear is raised slightly higher than the front to maximise downforce. This would aid in keeping the vehicle firmly planted on the tarmac at high speeds.

The electric buggy’s Sci-Fi-inspired design, on the other hand, incorporates an almost reptilian form with chunky tyres and generous ground clearance, implying it is ready to handle even the most difficult terrain.

The reptilian theme is visible throughout the concept’s design, with the matte black colour indicating the Godzilla design influence. Other design elements worth mentioning are the rear spare tyre compartment and the comfortable driver and passenger seats, which appear to be ideal for some laid-back city cruising.

Given the automotive market’s need for more compact off-road vehicles that can also easily navigate city traffic, this futuristic Ford dune buggy concept makes sense and could respond to a real market demand. Furthermore, the Michigan-based automaker is said to have some upbeat concept buggy designs in the works, so they may adopt such a vision in the future.