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Good Samaritans Pull Driver From Burning Acura In The Nick Of Time

The terrifying incident that happened on July 4th was captured on film by the Ontario Provincial Police.

Authorities claim that a 36-year-old Toronto man had a “medical episode” while driving on Queen Elizabeth Way in Mississauga. Although the specifics are still hazy, the man apparently crashed his Acura as a result.

The car eventually came to rest alongside the road, but it was on fire. Thank goodness, five kind Samaritans came and helped.

The back driver’s side door was opened, as seen in the video, but they had trouble getting to the man. Despite the danger, they continued as one of them tried to assist from the back passenger seat while the other two alternated between trying to break the driver’s side window.

Fortunately, the Good Samaritans eventually succeeded in breaking the window. Due to this, they were able to open the driver’s door and save the man before the car caught fire completely.

Two of the Good Samaritans were interviewed by CBC News, and one of them revealed to the broadcaster that the driver was unconscious. While their early attempts were unsuccessful, a man in a dump truck who was passing reportedly threw out a hammer, which was purportedly seen by Ben Sykes.

He ran after it as a result, successfully completing the rescue.

After the incident, they spoke to the appreciative driver and both men informed the station that things were moving “too quickly for them to worry about their own safety.” Police said the driver is “alive thanks of the brave efforts of five individuals who endangered their lives,” despite the fact that both Good Samaritans only suffered minor injuries.


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