Hazard Lights: Wrong Usage Will Be Fined Now

Hazard Lights: Wrong Usage Will Be Fined Now
Hazard Lights: Wrong Usage Will Be Fined Now

Misuse Of Hazard Lights To Attract Fine

The Shillong traffic police department has taken the initiative. It will issue a Rs. 100 challan for the first time and fine violators up to Rs. 300 if they are caught misusing or exploiting the hazard lights. Now, a step in the right direction has been done to encourage the use of danger lights and inform other drivers. People should also be informed about the proper use of danger lights, which isn’t restricted to turn indicators used while turning.

The Current Scenario

Wrong Usage Of Hazard Lights Will Be Fined

Hazard lights are also used to warn other drivers of a breakdown in a vehicle that has been pulled over to the halt lane or off to the side of the road, or if the vehicle is travelling very slowly due to a breakdown. Some people, on the other hand, turn on their hazard lights at a crossing to indicate that they wish to proceed straight or when it starts to rain. If you come to a sudden halt in a dangerous situation that most people don’t follow, the hazard lights should also be turned on. Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act imposes a charge on drivers who fail to operate their danger lights appropriately. As a result, anyone in India who uses warning lights incorrectly on any road, not just those driving in Shillong, can be penalised under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Implementation Of The Law

The penalties in Shillong will be Rs. 100 for the first offence, and Rs. 300 for subsequent offences. Even two-wheeler riders make mistakes and utilise hand motions as a signal when turning, which is not the proper method of signalling.

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