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Henrik Fisker Briefly Teased New Electric Supercar

Fisker Teases New Electric Supercar On Twitter

Fisker Automotive’s Henrik Fisker has released a teaser for a next electric car, which appears to be a more aerodynamic supercar than the Ocean EV. This vehicle is depicted undergoing aerodynamic and downforce testing. Fisker said this in a tweet, which he later deleted. However, Fisker did remark in the tweet that it was a car in a segment that didn’t exist, and that the testing was going exceptionally well. Fisker explains CFD testing in the image, a process that is even employed in the creation of Formula One cars. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) mimics the movement of air off the car’s body. However, the image provided enough detail for us to deduce that it will be built in the style of a muscle vehicle.

About The Teaser

The car’s front appearance appears smooth, while the back fenders protrude somewhat. The back deck is likewise level. The black roof isn’t angular like many EV roofs, such as the EQS, which boasts high aerodynamic efficiency and low drag coefficient values. It could even be a convertible, which would be a first for an electric vehicle.Fisker is currently concentrating on the development of the Ocean crossover, which will be manufactured in Ohio at Foxconn. Fisker Automotive is also teasing the Alaska pickup truck which could also have some GT-like aspects something Fisker himself is very well versed with as he worked at Aston Martin and was part of the team that developed the DB9 and the V8 Vantage in the early 2000s.

Fisker’s Future Plans

Fisker stated in a note posted alongside the teaser that the supercar will fill a gap in the market that currently exists. According to the teaser, the next supercar appears to be a convertible. Fisker is also working on a more cheaper electric vehicle that will go into production in 2024 at a Foxconn plant.

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