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Here’s What A Close Encounter With A Tornado While Driving Looks Like

Stephanie Cochrane of South Carolina may soon discover her video on Reddit’s r/praisethecameraman after she managed to capture footage of her and her husband’s terrifying tornado encounter.

High winds and rain batter the couple’s car, obstructing their vision of the road, until a shed-sized piece of debris rolls over the road in front of them, kiting in the high gusts.

Fortunately, as her husband Marc cautiously drives down the road, they are able to escape the worst of the storms and make their way to safety. The couple was travelling down Highway 300 on their way to their house in the hamlet of Ulmer, Allendale County.

Cochrane told WLTX News that they had heard there were tornado warnings in the region, but that her mobile service had gone down before her sister could tell her about one close by.

Stephanie explained, “We simply know that with God’s direction, he kept us focused and kept us safe.” “We’re lucky that just the back glass is damaged,” says the narrator.

Others, however, were not so fortunate, as local officials indicate that three individuals were injured and a number of homes were destroyed as a result of the storm. Although the strength of the tornado has not been assessed by the National Weather Service, tremendous winds are capable of lifting a vehicle off its wheels, as one unfortunate motorist in Texas recently discovered.

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