Hero Electric AE-3 Price In India 2022, Launch Date, Features, Images, Specs, Mileage

Hero Electric AE-3
Hero Electric AE-3

The Hero Electric AE-3 electric bike has been unveiled at Auto Expo 2020 Show. It’s that a first of that kind for Hero Electric. The trike feature a gyroscope-enabled auto-balance park feature which lets do the scooter stay upright when stationary. Other notable feature include a fully digital instrument cluster, mobile charger, walk assist, reverse assist (which is claimed to be up to 26km/h), app connectivity with real-time tracking and geo-fencing.

The Hero Electric AE-3 bike has a gyroscope-enabled auto-balance park feature that keeps the scooter upright while it is that stopped. A fully digital instrument cluster, mobile charging, walk assist, reverse assist (up to 26 km/h), app connectivity with real-time tracking, and geofencing are among the other interesting feature.

Hero Electric AE-3 Details

Name of the Bike CompanyHero
Bike NameHero Electric AE-3

Performance and Handling

Weighting at an overall kerb total weight of just 75 kg guess, the Hero Electric AE-3 is a super light electric vehicle that offers the ease of riding condition. Following the conventional riding positions, the Hero Electric AE-3 allows the bikers to enjoy seamless riding experience for you. In comparison to other conventional scooters, the seat height in Hero Electric AE-3 is quite lows. The longer wheel base of the scooter allows for a highly stable ride.

Engine and Transmission

The Hero AE3 feature the specialize 250 Watts BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor). The electric motor of the scooter has been given power by the 24 Ah, 48 V battery in this electric scooter. The battery of the Hero Electric AE-3 can be charged fully in around 5 hours and other claims 4-5 hours. The electric scooter claims to be offering a top speed of 25 km/hr. However, with a single person on-board, the scooter is able to reach a maximum speed of 33 km/hr only. The motor engine has been coupled to an automatic transmission gearbox.


On the Hero AE3 , you will find a 600Watt BLDC hub motor engine with a peak power rating of 1.2 kW. This hub motor can propel the scooter to a top speed of 40km/h. The 28AH lithium-ion battery on the base variants is good to last 50km while the ER model gets two 28 AH batteries, pushing the range to 100 km.


Underneath the boxy body of the Hero Electric AE-3, you will find a simple under bone chassis. A telescopic fork and twin shocks are used on the AE-3. You get small 10-inch alloy rims here with drum brakes at both ends on wheels. CBS is standard.


The Hero Electric AE-3 receives the telescopic forks towards the front sides as the rear end employs double coil spring units rather than a singles damper on wheel. The presence of the given features point towards the load functionality of the Electric AE 3 which is its that primary aim. The ground clearance offer by the scooter is 160 mm with long wheel base ensuring a highly safe rides.


When fully charged, the electric scooter Electric AE-3 is expected to return an mileage of 70 km per full charge. It that takes around 5 hours for the battery of the electric scooter to get fully charged once. The Electric AE-3 is primarily aimed at ensuring mobility for shorter distances with additional benefits of a great utility space and ample storage areas. The Electric AE-3 has been designed by keeping in mind the overall functionality over styling and looking factor.


Hero Electric available in this expected Colour: green

Charging Time

Hero Electric AE 3 battery takes 5 hours of full charging.


AE-3 can go upto 100 km/charge after a full charge.

Booking Process

The Hero Electric AE-3 is a premium SUV that is sure to turn heads. Offering best in class features and specifications, this car is a must-have for anyone looking for a stylish, reliable and fuel efficient ride. The booking process is easy and convenient, with several options available to choose from. For those who are interested in the hybrid engine, it offers superior fuel efficiency while the all-wheel drive system provides stability and traction in any terrain or weather condition. Images, specs, mileage details, launch date information etc. are available below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your Hero Electric AE-3 today.

  1. Select Bike & Dealership. Select the scooter you want to ride in the color of your choices. Once done, enter your location to select a dealership near you.
  2. Enter Your Detail. Enter your personal detail like Name, Phone No., Email and Address.
  3. Add Payment Info. Choose the payment method of your choice.
  4. And pay the some payment and book your bike.

Not available in your nearest dealership because it’s not launch.

Waiting Time

This scooter is not available in this time of our market. So, don’t available in their automobile Dealership.


You need no license or registration in India for scooter that have their top speed capped at 25 km/hr or have a motor of 250Watt or lower. However, the Electric AE-3 is powered by a 600 – 1300 Watt motor engine and the top speed of Hero Electric Nyx is capped at 40km/h, thus requiring license and registration on your bike.

Hero Electric AE 3 Specification

The Hero AE-3 gets that’s power from a 600Watt/1,200W BLDC hub motor engine which draws power from a 48V/28Ah batteries. With a top speed of 25km/h, Hero Electric claims a riding range of 85 km in once fully charge. The Hero Electric Nyx HX is an electric scooter designed for utility work and normal task in your life. The Hero Electric AE-3 STD is the high-speed variants of the NYX series. The electric scooter uses a 600/1,300 W motor that promises a top speed of 42km/h.

Range100 km/charge
Charging Time5 Hours
Front BrakeDisc
Body TypeElectric Bikes

Price and Variants

The price of Hero Electric AE-3 is expected to be Rs. 1.50 Lakh. What is the launch date of the Hero Electric AE-3? The estimated launch date of Hero Electric AE-3 is December of 2022.


Hero electric photon is the best option for daily commuters. The pricing is quite decent and the scooter offers feature and performance that are decent for city use. It that has dynamic looks, Maintenance cost is lower than fuel bikes. I think like this scooter for daily purposes. This e-scooter for utility and commuting- Electric AE-3 system. Hero electric photon is the best option for daily commuters in normal uses. The pricing is quite decent and the scooter offers feature and performance that are decent for city use and street uses.

It has dynamic looks design, Maintenance cost is lower than fuel motorcycle. I like this scooter for daily purposes and normal uses. Any battery-operate vehicle which has power less than 250 Watt and speed limit not more than 25 km/h such electric scooter are exempt from RTO and these electric scooters don’t require a license in India through Electric Vehicles.


Electric scooters also come with the advantage of being environmentally friendly for ours planet. As they do not release any harmful gases into the environment neither they make much noises, it that is the ideal model of transportation if you are looking to do your bit for the environment. The new report has revealed that electric scooters have an incident rate of 0.66 collisions for every million miles travelled, five times lower than e-bikes, with 3.33 collisions per million miles travelled by you. Motorcyclists are at even more risks of accidents with an incident rate of 5.88 – nine times worse than e-scooters vehicles. India has seen quite a few cases of e-scooter fires in the recent pasts. In December 2021, a 60-year-old man was choked to death and four others were injured in Kanhai village, Gurugram, after their electric two-wheeler exploded while charging at house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is electric bike better than petrol?

At 15% of the cost of a liter of fuel, an electric scooter will provide the same mileage as a petrol scooter. As a result, EVs win out over conventional petrol bikes in the electric bike vs traditional petrol bike debate.

What Is electric bike safe?

e-bikes seem to be more harmful, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The following are some of the study’s findings: E-bike riders have a higher risk of internal injuries.

Does eBike save money?

It is generally assumed that using an e-bike costs less than not using one. In terms of fuel consumption, upkeep, insurance, and storage, an e-bike can save money on tolls when compared to cars and other vehicles, as previously mentioned.

How Can electric bike go without helmet?

For e-bikes with a top speed of more than 25km per hour, license, registration, and helmet are required.


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