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Hero Electric Teams Up With BOLT To Install 50K EV Charging Stations

In India, Hero Electric has teamed with BOLT to install 50,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the next year. Over 4.5 lakh customers would benefit from the installation of BOLT chargers in over 750 Hero Electric contact points across India. Additionally, about 2,000 Hero Electric riders will receive complimentary BOLT charging systems installed in their houses. The partnership is expected to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and the transition to carbon-free travel in India.

The collaboration will aid both Hero Electric and BOLT in achieving their common aim of delivering a reliable, inexpensive, and accessible EV charging infrastructure to promote the adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Hero Electric’s enterprise partners and EV customers will both benefit from the BOLT charging network, which will drastically reduce range anxiety. BOLT will also be incorporated into the Hero Electric App and website, providing a one-stop shop for finding a charging station, booking a slot, and making a payment. Individuals can choose between private and public charging modes for their BOLT charging stations after they are installed, and choose the pricing based on current commercial/EV tariffs. To make it easier for Hero Electric riders, subscription-based programmes will be announced.

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The BOLT charging network is hardware agnostic and will integrate with any charging solution provider in the country. The BOLT OS comes pre-installed in many EVs and, BOLT’s revolutionary vehicles to charger connectivity (V2C) will enable a seamless fastag-like EV charging experience for EV users.

BOLT and Hero Electric will also conduct a pilot for IoT car tracking systems. All Hero Electric B2B partners will have access to Fleet Management and Charging Management tools as part of the pilot. Along with the BOLT Charging Network, BOLT will integrate the BOLT OS enabled Smart speedometer solution with Hero Electric vehicles, allowing a smarter, secure, and connected ecosystem.

The universal BOLT Charging Point and the BOLT Operating System make up India’s largest EV charging network. It is India’s first dedicated network of IoT-enabled EV charging points connecting riders across the country, and it was developed with the goal of developing a strong EV charging infrastructure.

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BOLT is a universal charging point made in India that is compatible with any portable charger that comes with electric vehicles and works with any current AC power supply. With an installed capacity of over 33000KW and 50,000 active customers, over 10,000 BOLT charging points have now been established across 100 cities in India. BOLT also plans to install 100,000 charging points across India in the next six months, in response to the tremendous demand for a safe, dependable, and inexpensive EV charging infrastructure, as well as partnership with other EV ecosystem stakeholders.

Hero Electric is the oldest and largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India. Hero Electric, which has been at the forefront of electric mobility in India for over a decade, is the only EV manufacturer to reach the 1 lakh sales mark in FY22. Hero Electric’s mission is to make the country greener by providing ‘Zero Pollution’ transportation through its wide range of Electric Vehicles, supported by their “No Emission” Mission.

With over 4.5 lakh vehicles on the road and a wide network of 750+ touchpoints, Hero Electric’s endeavour is to make the country greener by providing ‘Zero Pollution’ transportation through its wide range of Electric Vehicles. Hero Electric is a SA 8000 accredited company that operates in an ecologically conscientious, socially responsible, and professionally ethical manner.


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