Home News High Speed Crash Of Toyota Fortuner With Skoda Kodiaq, Kodiaq Catches Fire

High Speed Crash Of Toyota Fortuner With Skoda Kodiaq, Kodiaq Catches Fire

Crash Of Fortuner and Kodiaq

High-Speed Crash Of Toyota Fortuner With Skoda Kodiaq, Kodiaq Catches Fire

The high-priced SUVs marketed in India are typically well-built and fairly safe. This strong design is likely what saved the lives of passengers in a high-speed collision involving a Toyota Fortuner and two Skoda Kodiaq SUVs.

The event occurred on a highway near the Salem bypass, on a notoriously dangerous section of road near Thoppur. According to witnesses, the Fortuner merged onto the bypass without looking for oncoming traffic. As a consequence, it collided with a Skoda Kodiaq SUV moving at high speed on the bypass.

The Skoda Kodiaq caught fire as a result of the collision, but only after both occupants had safely evacuated the SUV. They were injured in the mishap and were soon transported to a hospital by an ambulance that arrived at the scene. Even the Fortuner’s occupants were sent to the hospital with injuries. Except for the actual collision, all of these facts are shown in the video above.

Even as the Kodiaq burned to the ground, a fire engine arrives to put out the flames. However, the damage was done, and it appears that the Kodiaq was totaled in the incident. After everything was said and done, the Toyota Fortuner and Skoda Kodiaq’s sturdy construction saved the day for its passengers. If the same collision had occurred in a less well-built SUV, the outcome may have been far more terrible.

When merging onto highways, extreme vigilance is required.

Highways are designed for high-speed traffic, and practically every vehicle on the highway travels at a far faster pace than on city streets. This is why merging onto a highway into fast moving traffic should be done with extreme caution. When there is a lull in traffic, it is a good idea to merge into a road. If there is no break in traffic flow, attempt to accelerate fast such that the difference between the merged automobile and the merging car is as little as possible.

A short word regarding the SUVs involved in the collision.

The Toyota Fortuner involved in this accident is a first-generation model with two airbags and ABS as standard equipment. There were two turbo diesel engines available: a 2.5 litre four-cylinder engine with 143 Bhp-320 Nm and a 3 litre four-cylinder engine with 171 Bhp-343 Nm. There were 5 speed manual and torque converter automatic transmissions available, as well as rear wheel drive and four wheel drive layouts. The Skoda Kodiaq in question is a first-generation vehicle with a 2 litre turbo diesel engine producing 140 Bhp and 320 Nm. A 7-speed double clutch automatic transmission is standard, as is all-wheel drive. The Kodiaq comes standard with 9 airbags and a slew of technological aids like as ABS + EBD, TCS, and a driver warning system.



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