Honda Activa Vs Road Roller The Whole Stupid Experiment


A road roller attempts to crush a Honda Activa in this video. Mr Indian Hacker created the video for YouTube. He continues to post unique videos in which he simply does what people in the comments ask him to do. As a result, not all suggestions must make sense. People demand almost anything, but he always makes sure to fulfil their wishes. In one instance, viewers requested that he roll over a scooty with a road roller. The results are now available.

Mr Indian Hacker and his team make the necessary preparations to take on this seemingly impossible task. They set up an Activa that appears to be in working order. In addition, a road-roller with a driver has been arranged. They position the scooty so that the roller covers the most ground possible. Finally, they request that the driver begin his road-roller. And the scooty is crushed to pieces on the first try.

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After seeing the outcome, the team became ecstatic and requested that the road-roller driver repeat the process several times. They insist on repeating the process until they are satisfied with the condition of the scooty. Finally, after crushing the scooty numerous times, they examine the damage. Unsurprisingly, the scooter is completely and completely destroyed. It is unrecognisable, and some components have been destroyed to the point where they appear to have never existed in the first place.

We would like to remind our readers not to try to imitate what is shown in this video. There is a lot of planning that goes into something like this. However, that stage is typically not shown in the final video, making it more appealing for audiences to attempt such stunts on their own. But don’t make that mistake; if something goes wrong, it could be very dangerous. Such activities are best enjoyed through the screen of your phone or laptop.

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