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Honda & Sony Announce Plan to Start New EV Brand Together

The automaker and the tech giant intend to get their new company started in 2022. They could jointly develop and sell new electric vehicles as early as 2025.

What happens when a carmaker like Honda joins up with a tech firm like Sony to launch a new electric vehicle line? The world may find out in the not-too-distant future, as the two automotive behemoths revealed today that they will collaborate to create and sell new electric automobiles.

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  • Honda and Sony announced today that they plan to form a new company to build and sell electric vehicles.
  • The two brands intend to create the new company this year and sell the first EV model by 2025.
  • Honda will provide manufacturing facilities and Sony will provide its tech-focused expertise.

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While the details of such a cooperation are still being worked out, Honda and Sony stated in a joint statement that the goal is to form the new firm within the year. According to the ambitious goal, the newly established brand would sell its first electric vehicle (EV) by 2025, with subsequent intentions to commercialise and provide mobility services.

The new company hasn’t been given a name yet–Sonda or Hony mashups come to mind–but the aim is for it to manage all aspects of design, development, planning, and sales. Honda, on the other hand, will be in charge of producing the automobiles at its facilities. Sony is claimed to be in charge of developing the mobility service’s platform.

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Honda announced last year that by 2040, it will only sell battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Over the following two decades, the progressive increase in those types of vehicles will correspond with falling output and, eventually, the removal of the automaker’s internal-combustion products. The Honda Prologue and Acura’s premium lineup are the first two of the brand’s new electric vehicles, which were developed in collaboration with GM and are not part of the Sony partnership. They are expected to arrive on our shores in 2024.

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Sony displayed its Vision-S 02 prototype electric crossover from the CES technology show at today’s presentation. That, plus an earlier Vision-S 01 electric sedan, had already indicated Sony’s intention to enter the EV market in some capacity.

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