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How to Get International Driving License in India

While travelling abroad, many people choose to use public transit like buses, trains, or planes, while others prefer to travel by car or bike. While your Indian driving licence or permit (IDP) entitles you to drive anywhere in India, in order to drive or ride a motorcycle in another country, you must have an international driving licence or permit, which is a necessary legal document proving your right to do so.

The road transport department of the Indian government issues international driving licences that enable their holders to operate a four-wheeler or two-wheeler abroad. The documents are translated into foreign languages as part of an official translation of the driver’s licence.

An Indian citizen must be at least 18 years old and have a current Indian driving licence in order to apply for an international driving licence. The individual should also have a current passport and visa.

There are some documents required to apply for an international driving licence, which include Form 4A and Form 1A, a valid driver’s licence copy, a copy of passport and visa, duplicate air tickets for verification, an application fee of ₹1,000, passport-size photographs, certified proof of Indian citizenship, copy of address proof and document of age proof.

Here are the steps to follow to avail of an international driving license.

The applicant can apply for an IDP on the Ministry of Road Transport And Highways (MoRTH) website or can avail permission directly from their respective RTO.

Fill out Form 4A and 1A The first step of the application for an IDP is to fill out two different forms: Form 4A and Form 1A. While Form 4A is a certificate that states that the applicant is a competent rider, Form 1A states the medical fitness status of the applicant individual. These forms can be downloaded from the MoRTH website or availed from the respective local RTO.

Submit all documents with fee After filling out Form 4A and Form 1A, provide all the details of your Indian driving license, identity, age, and residential proof. These details must be correct as per the information mentioned on the legal documents you possess, as providing false information could result in legal jeopardy for you. Submit all these necessary documents with the forms to the website or the respective RTO. You have to pay the fees of ₹1,000 while submitting the documents and the forms.

Take a driving test Just like you had to take a driving test while applying for an Indian driving license, you have to appear for a driving permit to avail of the IDP. Just like submitting the forms and documents, taking the driving test and passing in it is a must to avail of the IDP. If you are successful, then expect to receive the IDP in four to five business days.

How to apply for an international driving license?

Step 1 : Fill out Form 4A and 1A

Step 2 : Submit all documents with fee

Step 3 : Take a driving test


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