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How to Keep Car Cool in Summer ?

Here’s your guide to keeping your car cool over the summer for anyone who wants to go the additional mile in terms of safety precautions.

It’s awful that responsible parents don’t think twice about leaving a pet or a child in a hot car during the summer months. Car interiors do get heated during the summer if they are parked in the sun for long periods of time. However, you may absolutely make an effort to keep your car cooler on hot days. Here are some pointers on how to do so.

1. Park In Smart Manner

Parking your automobile in a shaded spot can keep it cool on those scorching hot days. If you can’t locate a garage, you can park in the shade of an apartment or behind the trees on the parking lot’s perimeter. Make sure you choose a safe location and think about the time. At 11 a.m., many regions will be shaded, although it may become hotter later in the afternoon. As a result, bear it in mind.

2. Make Effective Use of The Windshield Shade

Even if you don’t like the look of the windshield shade, it is useful since it keeps the temperature of your car down. They achieve this by obstructing the sun’s primary entrance point. With the accordion-style appeal, the majority of sunshades flatten out and appear unsightly. The foil-like coating detracts from the appearance of your premium automobile. They can, however, keep your automobile cooler. Superior heat-absorbing materials are used in top grade windshield blinds. As a result, they are effective in reducing UV and heat radiation entering the vehicle’s cabin.

3. Cover the Interior of the Vehicle

When a sunshade isn’t an option, covering the car’s components might be a more effective solution to keep your car cool throughout the summer. There are several styles of automobile dashboard coverings available. The steering wheel and leather seats (especially the darker seats) are two interior components that you may want to cover to keep them from overheating. Assume you have dark leather seats. During the summer, the lighter-colored cloth coverings may be preferable. If you want to, you may even use a blanket to keep the interior chilly!

4. Tint the Car Windows

The majority of the time, window tints prove to be really successful in keeping the car cool when parked. Superior grade tints are created to enable a good quantity of light to get through while filtering off the sun’s heat rays. Ultraviolet radiation can be reduced by using high-quality window tinting. However, depending on where you live, you may not be able to utilise the tint. Make sure that you only utilise it if your state allows you to.

5. What about the solar-powered ventilation fan?

Using the solar-powered fan might be an effective move, although you seldom may know about it. What the fan does is connect to the outside top of a rolled-up window. It comprises the outward-facing solar panel powering it. This fan blows out hot air from the interior and pulls in cooler air! You can set up two fans on the rare windows that can increase cross-ventilation airflow, thereby decreasing its temperature.


Using any of the abovementioned car cooling methods or a combination of two or three would keep your parked vehicle cooler. So, as you have read about the methods precisely, now is the right time to plan something seriously. You can perform an in-depth analysis on how to initiate a convincing process of keeping your vehicle cooler during the summers. Take assistance from the Internet for a detailed survey.


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