How to Take Care of Your Car.

Car is being a very essential need nowadays, and we also love taking care of it. So, we have made it easy for you to by making a checklist of some car maintenance. Hope you will find out informative.

1.Maintain your cars exterior

First things first, In order to increase your resale value you need to maintain the exterior of your car. Because it’s the first thing one will look for. Wash your car properly at least once a week to keep it dirt-free. Jet sprays are easily available in the market which will help you remove those sticky stains. Do check all the scratches and worn on the outside. There are a lot of products available in the market which you take in use for dent removing and erase all that unwanted scratches. That extra shine may cause the buyer to pay more.

2. Properly store your car when not in use.

If you’re not in the mood to go out for a bit store your car properly to avoid unwanted guests like rats and spiders under your hood. Because they are not gonna pay for your repair bills. So, best to park your vehicle in a proper way. Also, do check for the cleaning and start the engine for a bit to avoid failures. And it can also lead to a dead battery.

Properly store your car when not in use.

3. Change your car filter

You should look for an air filter every 20000 miles or change it every year. The clogged air filters can make you spend more while using the AC. It can also cause your engine to fail and combustion chambers may get damaged.

Change your car filter

4. Check for vital fluids in your car.

All the oils must be toped up and if you need to fill it many times in a short period then do check for the leaks. You can easily check for the oils just by opening the hood.

 Check for vital fluids in your car.

Changing the oils from time to time can increase the output from your car and promote smooth operations. Change the oil every 5500 to 7000 miles. If you don’t change the oil it eventually from a layer of dirt and affects your engine.

5.Check for tire pressure every month

Check for the tire pressure and worn out every month. The tires must be changed every 5 to 6 years depending upon the wear. Also, check for the tire pressure every time you drive. Because, less tire pressure can cause a ton of problems like poor braking, less mileage, and of course flat tire. Learn how to change the flat tire and how to use a jack and spanner to save on maintenance charges.

Check for tire pressure every month

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6. Rotate the tires.

Rotate the position of tires every time when you change the oil to ensure uniform wear. In simple words replace the rear tires with the front and vise versa. This will help your pocket for some time because you don’t this will not cause wearing of the same tire every time.

Rotate the tires.

7. Changing the brake shoe.

The braking shoe eventually wears as your shoes do. It is important to change the brake shoes after some interval or when you think it’s time to change them depending upon the braking efficiency. The brake shoes must be checked manually at least once a year. And it’s not always a good idea to change brake shoes by yourself replace them with the help of a mechanic.

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8. Maintain the cars interior.

This will absolutely help you esthetically and please your eyes. It also helps to increase the resale value of the car. It’s the easiest among all the tips above but, it’s a little bit of time taking if you like to mess around. But the beautiful interior will make your long rides feel good. check the floor more often in rainy seasons to avoid the foul smell and dirty car. Insure anything near the brake pedal, clutch, and accelerator pedal.

Maintain the cars interior.

9.Make sure the condition of mirrors

Check all windshields, side mirrors, back mirrors, for a better driving experience and safe driving condition. also, use rainproof paint coats for the glasses which repels water for better vision. The glasses must be cleaned for the night condition. So, that when you drive back home one can ensure your safety.

Make sure the condition of mirrors

10. Check the spark plug

Check the spark plug after every 30,000 miles and replace it after 60,000 miles, Also when worn out. You will never want your car to get fail to start in front of someone special. To insure that keep eye on the every aspect.

Check the spark plug

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