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Huge Repair Cost: Tesla Owner Blows Up Car With Dynamite

Man blows Up His Tesla Car With 30 Kg Dynamite

In Finland, a guy detonated 30 kg of gunpowder in his Tesla Model S automobile. Its video has now gone popular on the internet. People are startled when they see the video and realise why the person did this. People are perplexed as to how someone might use gunpowder to blow up such a high-end vehicle. All of this was done because the person was dissatisfied with Tesla’s service.

Tesla is a well-known brand in the realm of electric vehicles. In its field, it is referred to be a behemoth corporation. Tesla automobiles are noted for their cutting-edge technology. Many people all around the world aspire to own a Tesla electric vehicle. However, after purchasing a Tesla vehicle, a man from Finland became so enraged that he blew up his vehicle with explosives.

Tuomas Katainen, the car’s owner, was driving a 2013 Tesla Model S. The man finished his car after being dissatisfied with the EV (Electric Vehicle) company’s service. For a long time, the car had been good, but now it was beginning to cause problems. That’s why he went to Tesla Service Center for help. The car’s battery would be replaced, which would cost $22,480, according to the service centre (over Rs 17 lakh).

The man was blown away when he realised this and proceeded to blow up the car with 30 kg of gunpowder. The man was so furious with the firm that he blew up an effigy of the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, inside the car. The video of the car being blown up with gunpowder has been seen over 3.30 lakh times as of this writing.



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