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Hyundai Launching Miniature N Models

Hyundai has its Hyundai N, much as BMW has its BMW M. Recent news stories have focused on the Korean brand’s high-performance section after the introduction of two designs.

Hyundai appears to be releasing scale models of its Kona N and Elantra N vehicles. The diecast N models have been revealed without any information regarding their launch dates. They come in two different colours. When they are formally introduced, more information regarding their availability will be available.

In June, Hyundai formally declared the Veloster to be discontinued. Due to an extended SUV selection that includes the Venue, which is now Hyundai’s entry-level model, the Accent hatchback was also eliminated from the 2023 lineup. In June, Hyundai made the official announcement that the Veloster N will no longer be produced in favour of the Elantra N and Kona N, which would expand the N brand.

The N Vision 74 is a hybrid vehicle that doesn’t have a gasoline engine. In place is a hydrogen fuel cell for better cooling efficiency. The RN22e concept is an Ioniq 6 body but is dressed up for the race track. Hyundai says it’s “a glimpse of an upcoming EV N”.

Source: Hyundai N Worldwide via Instagram


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