Is XUV The New Brand Of Mahindra !

Recently Mahindra and Mahindra has revealed name of it’s new three row SUV. Although it is expected to be the next generation of XUV 500 the company decided to name it XUV 700. Now the company has applied for three more nameplate trademarks. XUV100, XUV400, and XUV900 accordingly. However XUV 700 will be launched later this year the new trademarks may be utilised for future models.

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What we know so far ?

With the applied name trademarks Mahindra seems to be focusing on its SUV linup. And XUV is a distinct exclusive brand to showcase it’s SUVs. Mahindra has filed for the trademark application on April 7. Though the registration approval is yet on hold. The application clearly shows us the companies strategy of expanding there sub brand of SUVs and crossovers. Till now what can be figured out by the filed trademarks is the nomenclature that might be used to for there upcoming models.

What to expect from the ‘XUV’ lineup ?

As we know XUV 700 will replace the XUV 500, it will be launched in Q2 FY2022. The XUV 500 is temporarily discontinued by the company. XUV100 and XUV400 nameplates can be expected to be used for comparatively smaller SUVs. Whereas XUV 900 wcan be a full size SUV from Mahindra. It will be a replacement of the ageing Alturas 4G. Mahindra will launch it rival with the segment dominant like Toyota Fortuner, MG Gloster and Ford Endeavour. XUV 900 will a flagship model of the company. While the complete details about these models are yet to be revealed by Mahindra.


Whith this move Mahindra will definitely make there range of SUV stand tall from there competitors. Bringing there SUVs in a single brand name XUV will also bring clarity to there customers.

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