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Jaguar Land Rover-Nvidia to Develop Autonomous Cars

Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with American software giant Nvidia to offer enhanced connectivity and sophisticated autonomous driving capabilities in all vehicles starting in 2025. The new multi-year relationship, which is a major aspect of JLR CEO Thierry Bollore’s grandiose Reimagine transformation agenda, will see the two companies work on software development rather than Nvidia supplying its technology off the shelf.

  • Cars will have level-three autonomous capability
  • JLR is not buying Nvidia’s software, but working as a technical partner
  • The carmaker’s current Pivi Pro system could be updated by 2025

All future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will have Nvidia’s Drive software architecture, which will provide “next-generation automated driving systems, as well as AI-enabled services and experiences for its consumers.”

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Active Safety Aids

The system’s functionality is still being kept under wraps, but JLR has hinted that active safety, parking systems, occupant monitoring, sophisticated visualisation, and improved safety aids would be among the highlights. The increased networking capacity of JLR’s cars will open up new revenue sources, which will be critical to the company’s business model.

JLR eventually wants Nvidia-equipped cars to be capable of level-three autonomous driving, which means they’ll be able to monitor their surroundings and make decisions without the need for human intervention – but the driver must stay aware and ready to take charge.

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For several months, software professionals from both companies have collaborated on the project. “Co-development is critical in this cooperation,” said Francois Dossa, strategy director at Jaguar Land Rover. “A cornerstone of our Reimagine strategy is collaborating and sharing knowledge with industry leaders in connected services, analytics, and software development. We can now expedite our in-vehicle software with Nvidia, giving modern luxury experiences in a new way.”

The cars will continue to run on JLR’s own operating system, Pivi Pro, which will be improved before 2025. Nvidia’s Drive Hyperion processing and sensor stack will be incorporated. (Texasflange)

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Tailor-Made Software

The software can be customised for each automobile in JLR’s lineup to fit their unique positioning. Unique qualities for each vehicle might include “how the cars drive on the road, or maybe connected to other things, such as how they are parked or how you can access them,” according to Danny Shapiro, head of Nvidia’s automotive branch.

“This is part of the fun process of designing new software for these autos,” Shapiro continued. If you think about it, when the iPhone first came out, it had a lot of apps, which was amazing, but today you can’t believe how many apps there are. We’re going to see the same type of thing happen with cars, where the interaction with the vehicle, whether you’re in it or not, will be really delightful.”

The deal’s financial terms haven’t been revealed, and there’s no indication of how long the relationship will last.

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JLR and Nvidia engineers will collaborate during the development process to generate a data pool for training the autonomous driving platform, which will then be utilised to construct real-time, physically accurate simulations on Nvidia’s virtual Omniverse platform.

“The main thing is that all OEMs have their own architecture and they’re all distinct,” Dossa said when asked if JLR was concerned by Nvidia’s current collaborations with other vehicle makers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. We call it EVA in our circumstance.”

He added, “This is a very sophisticated architecture and we are going to work with Nvidia to integrate its technology within our architecture. Of course, other OEMs don’t have the same architecture, so it will be different. For us, it’s a non-issue not to have the exclusivity.”

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Collaboration, Not Purchase

JLR is not buying Nvidia’s software, according to Dossa, but rather collaborating with the American company as a technical partner.

“Collaboration and information exchange with industry leader Nvidia is critical to realising our Reimagine plan, which will set new milestones in quality, technology, and sustainability,” Bollore added.

“Jaguar Land Rover will become the world’s most desirable luxury automobiles and services for the world’s most discerning clients,” he added. As the company continues its transformation into a truly global, digital powerhouse, our long-term relationship with Nvidia will unlock a world of possibility for our future vehicles.”

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