JEDI Customs’ Royal Enfield Electra Bobber “Matte Black” Edition

JEDI Customs' Royal Enfield Electra Bobber

After undergoing hundreds of modifications to its original, street-specific posture, this customised Electra 350 by Jedi Customs has returned with a distinctive Bobber personality. There is hardly no chrome left on the motorcycle because it is totally coated in a matte black tint.

Since Jedi Customs has previously created a number of colourful yet stunning modified bikes, the client gave them precise guidelines on the use of black. This Electra 350 has a 16-inch rear wheel with a thick 5-inch tyre designed specifically for Bobbers, as well as a front wheel that is thicker than usual at 18 inches.

JEDI Customs' Royal Enfield Electra Bobber "Matte Black" Edition

A swing-arm switch that adds 6 inches to the package was necessary since the motorcycle’s basic capacity was insufficient to support the combination of the fat rear tyre and wheel. These gorgeous black wheels with more spokes than a typical wheel were swapped out for the basic spoke wheels.

Even the back fender was cut and put on two specially made supports through the rear suspension. Electra’s seat is a single long piece, yet Bobber aesthetics made this saddle functional. In order to better manage the thickness and allow for better foot placement, Jedi Customs kept it under control.

JEDI Customs' Royal Enfield Electra Bobber "Matte Black" Edition

A small, round headlamp and a specially cut Bobber fender can be seen up front. To prevent dirt from getting on the rider’s legs, they kept it larger than typical designs. A new cover has been added to the factory front suspension, and the fuel tank has an additional mesh installed for better aesthetics.

JEDI Customs' Royal Enfield Electra Bobber "Matte Black" Edition

A grill has been added to the headlight to protect it, and turn indicators for the rear are now available on top of the suspension components. A 346cc, single-cylinder engine that produces 20 HP at 5250 rpm and 28 Nm at 4000 rpm powers the motorcycle. For an overall profile that is inspired by Stealth Black, they completed the exhaust in matte black.

JEDI Customs' Royal Enfield Electra Bobber "Matte Black" Edition


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