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Kerala Woman starts Journey from India to Qatar in a Mahindra Thar


The game of Football is popular around the world. Everyfootball fan in the world is now looking forward to the FIFA 2022 world cup in Qatar. Even in India, we have a large number of football fans who are looking forward to the world cup this year. Many of them might even be flying to Qatar to see the match themselves. One such football fanatic from Kerala is Naaji Noushi. She also has plans to watch the finale of the 2022 FIFA world cup but, she is doing things in a different manner. Naaji will be driving from India to Qatar in her Mahindra Thar SUV to watch the final match.

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Naaji Noushi recently commenced her journey from Kannur and the trip was flagged off by Transport Minister of Kerala Antony Raju. The adventure trip from Kerala to Qatar has already started and months of planning has gone into it. Naaji has always been a travel buff but, this is the first time she is doing something like this. Naaji is married to Noushad who is an NRI. Naaji is mother to 5 children and she mentions that her husband and children have been encouraging her to travel more. Naaji Noushi also has a YouTube channel and she has already done four travel series including all-India trip. Naaji has completely wrapped her Thar in 2022 Qatar FIFA world cup livery.

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Talking to a media agency, she mentioned that she is an Argentina supporter and a huge fan of Lionel Messi. She really wishes that Argentina lifts the cup this year. She also wishes to see Indian football team in FIFA world cup one day. Naaji will be staying in Oman till December 31. Naaji has planned the road trip in such a manner that she has converted her Thar into mini home on wheels. She has plans to park the Thar near toll plazas and petrol pumps at night and she also has cooking essentials in her Thar. A rooftop tent has also been installed for a comfortable sleeping experience. This is probably the first time a woman from Kerala is exploring the GCC nations in a made in India vehicle. Many woman who have been dreaming of travelling alone in India or abroad can get inspiration from Naaji Noushi. We hope to see more women come forward confidently for such trips in the future.



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