Meet Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Car, the Aggressively Grey Mercedes-Maybach S580.

Kim Kardashian isn’t a fan of two-toned cars or anything else for that matter. With her new Maybach S580, she showed the extent of her monochrome love in a recent Vogue video.

The new Maybach is her “favourite baby ever, ever, ever,” according to the reality star. She didn’t want to just go around in a limo like any other wealthy, so she worked with Platinum Motorsport to give the car her own unique spin.

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The garage took the Maybach – which, according to them, cost more than $100,000 more than its $185,000 MSRP due to all of the original features – and turned it into something wholly unique.

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“You guys know that when [Kardashian] goes hard on vehicles, she simply goes hard, you know what I’m talking about?” In the video, Platinum Motorsport’s George (Gevork) Keshishyan says. “With her, there’s no left and right. If she’s going, if she’s going to bat, she’s going to take it all the way home.”

That means the crew lowered the car, installed bespoke 22-inch wheels, darkened it, put an illuminated rear trunk logo, and, most significantly, painted it grey. They didn’t only paint the bodywork grey; they also painted the trim, wheels, grille, logo, and even some portions of the interior.

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Thankfully, unlike her house (really, her house is insane; see the full Vogue video here), the vehicle’s interior is black, rather than the all-consuming grey seen on the exterior. However, her monochromatic obsession has extended to her other vehicles, with both her Lamborghini Urus and Rolls-Royce Ghost painted in the same shade of grey.

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