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KTM Duke 390 FuelX Pro-Kit | FuelX Pro Kit Price and Features

The KTM Duke 390, now in its second generation, is without a doubt the most enjoyable motorbike that money can buy. The Austrian street naked combines a high level of performance with snappy kinetics, allowing it to outperform the competition. It’s no surprise, then, that many motorcycle fans have made it their first choice. Of course, because of its popularity, the Duke 390 has long been a favorite of tuners, and there are a plethora of devices on the market that claim to improve its performance. Today, we’ll have a look at one such product that is even KTM RC390 compatible.

FuelX Pro Kit Price and Installation

Simply said, the FuelX Pro-Kit is a piggyback ECU that requires only 15 minutes to install. RaceDynamics states that it offers various benefits that help one improve the performance of their KTM Duke 390 for Rs 9,990.

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FuelX Pro Kit Features

One of the most appealing features is that it comes with ten Autotune Maps that can be customized based on parameters such as weather, altitude, and riding style. Furthermore, it responds to changes in riding style and engine characteristics, as well as alterations to the exhaust and air filter. The piggyback ECU claims to reduce engine and exhaust temperatures by up to 10%, while also improving the ride quality by reducing jerks and downshifts.

A handlebar Map Switch, which can be used to switch between engine maps on the fly at any speed and at any time, is another notable feature of this product. The FuelX Pro unit, harness, and map switch are all water and heat-resistant as well. Finally, the product comes with a two-year warranty in India and a one-year warranty in the rest of the world, as well as unlimited support. Not only that, but if a customer is unhappy with the goods and returns them within 15 days after purchase, they will receive a refund.

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