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Lambo Urus With $40K Badge Is Extravagance In Diamond-Studded Form

Here’s an SUV you won’t see parked outside unguarded.

What is your price range for a Lamborghini Urus? While the Urus in its basic form is prohibitively expensive, there are methods to increase its prominence and capability by purchasing more expensive alternatives.

When new, a Lamborghini Urus starts at well over $200,000. Make it as customizable as possible, and be prepared to pay more than $260,000. But if those figures are still too small for you, consider this last option from YouTuber Bobby White: a $40,000 diamond-studded Lamborghini emblem.

The YouTuber, known to put diamonds and gems onto many things, made the badge himself. The video above shows the process, which starts with him making the base white gold plate and the gold outline plate.

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The diamonds were then placed one by one on the white gold plate by White. The precise amount of diamonds hasn’t been revealed, but as you can see, there are a lot of them. As a background for the bull, he utilised red, green, and clear diamonds to create the Italian flag.

To seal the transaction, White used laser-etching technology borrowed from his downstairs neighbour to engrave “Lambo” on the gold plate. Finally, he put the pricey badge together, leaving only one chore remaining: mounting the badge on a Lamborghini Urus.

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To do this, White travelled to Italy and enlisted the services of Lamborghini mechanics to affix the insignia to a Urus (probably White’s ordered unit). To top it off, White raced the Urus with the diamond-studded logo against his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a course. We’re just not sure how much horsepower the gleaming logo on the super SUV added.

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But one thing is certain: we won’t see this Urus parked on the street unattended.

Source: Bobby White via YouTube

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