Lamborghini Aventador Successor Spied Closely

Lamborghini Aventador Successor Spied Closely
Lamborghini Aventador Successor Spied Closely

The successor to the Aventador is the most eagerly anticipated of Lamborghini’s influx of electrified models in the upcoming years. A camouflaged prototype of the upcoming flagship supercar was up close and personal with our spy photographers, giving us a better view of its exterior styling.

This is not the first prototype of the unnamed model that we have seen. In November 2021, we first observed a mule with an Aventador body, which was followed in March 2022 by a new prototype with the final production body. The new photographs, however, were taken at a closer range and show more details of the bodywork that is still camouflaged.

The supercar keeps the recognisable wedge shape of its forerunners, but it appears wider and has a more planted stance. The headlights are more aggressive, the bumper intakes are a little smaller, and the front end appears to have a vented bonnet. A variety of side intakes feeding air to the mid-mounted powertrain are visible on the profile. When examined closely, the aerodynamic components on the C-pillars are actually flying buttresses that channel air to the back deck.

Lamborghini thought adding fake Aventador taillight stickers to the back would fool us. They are still visible above the new, high-mounted Y-shaped LED units. The quad exhaust pipes located directly under the active rear spoiler between the taillights will be the new model’s distinguishing feature. Whether the production model will keep the round exhausts or opt for a more contemporary hexagonal design is unknown. In any case, this setup pays tribute to Lamborghini’s legacy while looking pretty insane. We can also make out the new engine cover, which leaves little room for the small rear windshield, and the enormous diffuser, which was made possible by relocating the exhaust tailpipes.

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With a V12 engine at its core, the new Lamborghini is anticipated to use an entirely new plug-in hybrid powertrain. The supercar will be able to drive without emitting any emissions thanks to electrification. The new big Lambo will be significantly more responsive and produce a significantly higher amount of power as a result of the electric motors.

The Aventador’s replacement will be unveiled by Lamborghini in 2023, and the Huracan’s replacement, which will also have an electrified powertrain, will be unveiled in 2024. In 2027 or 2028, the Sant’Agata-based automaker will release its first entirely electric vehicle, entering the EV race. Mind you, Lamborghini and other supercar manufacturers do not have to comply with the stricter emission regulations in Europe until 2035, when they will have to offer a zero-emission range.

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