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“Lamborghini” Multipla Goes For Glory In Top Speed Run

Despite the fact that the Fiat Multipla was never sold in the United States, the MPV became well-known in the United Kingdom due to its unique and contentious appearance. It also grew in popularity (or infamy) due to the fact that it was a meme on wheels from the start. Take a peek at some recent reviews to see what we’re talking about.

The Multipla was discontinued by Fiat in 2010, yet it continues to be a source of amusement for certain video artists. This year is no exception, as it appears in AutoTopNL’s latest April Fools joke video. So, what happened to the tall hatchback when the channel intervened? Of course, they put it through its paces.

Torque is measured in on-meters. According to factory estimates, the highest speed is 170 km/h (105 mph).

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Why, though, would you film a Multipla for an Autobahn run? This is a one-off variant of the people carrier, according to AutoTopNL. According to the channel, Ferrari and Lamborghini were “best buddies,” pooling resources to produce this “bespoke” Lamborghini Multipla Super Veloce.

A few aerodynamic aids are included with the “Multipla SV” to keep it fastened to the road. A pair of canards at the front provide additional downforce, while a large rear wing rests on top of the tailgate. It also has a tribute to Lamborghini’s distinctive colour, Oro Elios.

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Aside from the jokes, the Multipla in the video isn’t going to break any speed records. The Fiat has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 102 horsepower (76 kilowatts) and 107 pound-feet (145 Newt) of torque.

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The “Lambo” Multipla struggled to reach the declared peak speed of the manufacturer. The MPV did not achieve 100 mph, which might be due to a tired engine, bad weather, or other circumstances. On an open stretch of Autobahn, it reached a top speed of 140 km/h, or roughly 87 mph.

Even yet, seeing the small Fiat struggle to drive fast on the Autobahn is hilarious. It may not have been speedy, but the AutoTopNL team made it interesting.

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