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Lego Five-Speed Transmission Build With Dyno Is An Engineering Marvel

Turns out grinding gears in your lego transmission sounds just like the real thing.

Have you ever been curious about how a manual transmission works? Do you enjoy playing with legos? If you responded yes to one or both of these questions, we’ve got a video for you. Brick Technology, a Youtuber and Lego build expert, has posted a video showing the development of a fully functional 5-speed manual transmission with reverse. This Lego engineering accomplishment also serves as an excellent demonstration of how a manual gearbox works, emphasising the significance of gear ratios.

The build begins with a simple two-speed gearbox powered by an electric motor from Brick Technology. The transmission is then completed with the addition of two more gear sets. As a result, there are a total of 5 gears, all of which follow a standard manual transmission configuration. It was time to work on a shifter when the transmission’s guts were finished.

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Brick Technology had to learn by trial and error how to build the shifter for the newly released Lego transmission. For starters, the transmission had a lot of slippage in it, making smooth shifts difficult and attracting unfavourable feedback from the Lego automotive writers. To combat this slop, reinforcing pieces were added that eventually lead to a very precise and tight transmission.

The shifter was then added to the transmission where Brick Technology tested out the shift action. During testing, the shifter got stuck due to the length of the throw. Thankfully Brick Technology added in a Lego short shift kit which remedied this issue.

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With the forward gears in working order, it was time to tackle reverse. This part of the build was a unique opportunity to learn how reverse gears are built using a combination of input and output gears to move a car backward.

After the transmission was finished, it was connected to a Lego dyno to provide power. The dynamometer itself is a fascinating peek at the engineering that goes into the machines that make YouTube cars famous.

On the dyno, the completed Lego model is put through its paces, changing between all five years and reverse at full speed. The strong build quality of this completely functional Lego 5-speed transmission is demonstrated in this final test.

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