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Lego McLaren Formula 1 Model Is Out and Ready to Race

Dressed in McLaren’s 2021 livery, this 1432-piece set has moving pistons and a steering wheel that turns, and it’s big enough to be an impressive desk display.

Just in time for McLaren’s unveiling of the actual new MCL36 F1 racing car in 2022 colours this week, Lego has unveiled a big new Technic kit that highlights the team’s 2021 livery (although the packaging confusingly names it McLaren’s 2022 F1 car) while still fitting on your display shelf.

  • Lego has released other McLaren models and some F1 cars, but this will be the first time we get an official Lego Technic version of a Formula 1 car.
  • Decked out in McLaren’s 2021 livery, the new 1432-piece model features the kinds of Technic touches builders appreciate, like moving pistons in the engine, a working steering wheel, and F1’s DRS spoiler.
  • The new set is on sale now at a price of $180.

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will pilot the new McLaren MCL36 in the 2018 season. The MCL36 is powered by a Mercedes-AMG F1 M13 E Performance engine, while the Lego replica features ABS plastic components such as moving pistons in the V6 engine and steering wheels from the cockpit. The 1432-piece model stands over five inches tall, 25.5 inches long, and 10.5 inches wide, and includes a sheet of sponsor stickers to add to the authentic feel. The F1 car’s enormous tyres will be familiar to Lego enthusiasts who own the official set for Batman’s Tumbler vehicle.

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Norris and Ricciardo praise the plastic model’s dynamic suspension and presence of the Drag Reduction System spoiler in a short film published by Lego and McLaren. DRS was introduced in 2011 to add excitement to Formula One races by giving drivers a small speed increase in specific conditions. Ricciardo also jokes that the toy replica is roughly the appropriate size for Norris. “Everything but your skull would fit,” Ricciardo added. Riccirado further stated that, while he does not want to brag, he believes he could construct the model in around six weeks.

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According to the fan site Brickset, Lego has made at least seven more McLaren-themed sets. The Elva, 720S, and Senna as Speed Champions (i.e., smaller, more kid-friendly sets) have all been released, as well as a more sophisticated Technic set for the Senna GTR, which was launched in 2021. Over two dozen non-Technic kits based on F1 vehicles have also been made, many of which are painted in Ferrari colours or include Lego’s fictional Octan corporation.

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The McLaren is the first Lego Technic version of a Formula 1 car, but given the amount of work that went into the new set, we expect Lego F1 aficionados to create their own versions based on this design in the not-too-distant future. In the United States, the new McLaren F1 Lego set will be available on March 1 for $179.99.

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