Leopard Attacks Maruti Omni in Assam, Injures 13 People in Jorhat, Assam


At least 13 people were reportedly injured in a series of attacks by a leopard in upper Assam’s Jorhat district on Monday, ANI reported. In the last 24 hours, the leopard attacked forest officials and the residents of the Rain Forest Research Institute (RFRI), including women and children, in the Jorhar region while being on a run from the forest officials.


  • This is a typical case of Man vs Wild in real-life.
  • A leopard is seen jumping on a moving Maruti Omni, breaking the visor.
  • At least 13 people were injured including a mother-daughter duo in Assam’s Jorhat.

In a shocking turn of events, a leopard attacks a moving Maruti Omni, killing 13 people. In many parts of the country, wild animals are common. Basically, areas on the outskirts of major cities are home to a wide variety of wild animals. The video’s location indicates that this is a forest area where such animal encounters must be common. However, it is unusual for wild cats to become involved with humans and cause havoc, as this leopard did. Here are the specifics of the incident.

India Today has posted this video to YouTube. The footage shows a leopard leaping over a fence and striking a Maruti Omni on the road. The ferocious animal is seen smashing the driver’s window and ripping the rain visor off the door. The occupants could have died if the window had been left open. According to the video, the enraged cat injured up to 13 people, including a mother-daughter duo. The forest guard was also injured while attempting to stop the animal.

7 rounds were fired into the air to scare the leopard away. Perhaps this is why the animal appears to be aggressive. It’s entirely possible that it was terrified and became aggressive in order to defend itself. The Omni van is seen running in the middle of the road after hitting the side of it. Any two-wheeler approaching from the opposite direction is clearly a target. There is no information on the injured’s condition.

We can only advise our readers to be cautious when travelling on highways with dense forests on either side. Furthermore, there are usually traffic signs before you approach a wildlife-infested area. In such cases, keep your car windows closed and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. It goes without saying that you should not stop or get out of your vehicle in such areas. Please share your thoughts.


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