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Listen To Koenigsegg’s First Gemera Test Car Fire Up And Go For A Spin

Despite the fact that we’ve known about Koenigsegg’s “Mega-GT” car for some time, we haven’t heard much about its testing programme. That changed today, thanks to the release of a video showing the company’s CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg driving the first Gemera test car.

“Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of effort going on,” von Koenigsegg explains. “We have a lot of test equipment and data logging in the vehicle, and the wonderful thing about a four-seater is that we can really have three developers and a driver working on the car together, fine-tuning it.”

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Even while this saves time for a firm used to two-seaters, the Gemera still has a long way to go in terms of development. The test car’s engine could only rev up to roughly 4,500 rpm at the time of recording, significantly below its predicted redline.

That engine is a 2.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, three-cylinder Freevalve engine that delivers 600 horsepower (447kW/608 PS) and 442 pound-feet (600 Nm) on its own. But it’s combined with three electric motors, which together provide 1,700 horsepower (1,268 kW/1,724 PS) for the automobile.

So far, it sounds a touch rough, but von Koenigsegg claims that the test car was built to iron out concerns like exhaust note, engine responsiveness, and how all of the systems interact. Despite this, he claims that the Gemera is a joy to drive, especially at this early stage.

“Of course, this car’s technology is out of this world,” he continues. “To build this four-wheel-drive, four-wheel torque-vectoring, power monster—but a nice monster,” he continues. It’s so simple and enjoyable to drive that it provides a completely distinct experience that I’ve never had before. (amicusmongolia.com) ”

The best news of all is that from now on, Koenigsegg will be revealing more and more information about the car’s development process. The manufacturer intends to produce 300 Gemeras, however it is unclear when they would begin production.

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