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Mahindra Thar modification: Court Fines Rs 5000 And Declares The Changes To Be Illegal

Mahindra Thar modification: Court Fines Rs 5000 And Declares The Changes To Be Illegal

In India, car modification is prohibited. Any modification, including the installation of aftermarket parts, is prohibited. Zahid Iqbal Wani was fined Rs 5,000 by a Jammu and Kashmir court for altering a Mahindra Thar SUV.

The violation of Section 52 of the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, was cited by the court. The violation appeared in court and pleaded guilty to altering the car from its original state, according to the ruling. The current state of the Mahindra Thar differed from the requirements on the vehicle’s registration certificate.

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Mahindra Thar modification

Since the violator has contravened the provision of MV Act, therefore after considering the fact that no previous violation has been proved and after taking a lenient view, a fine of Rs. 5000 only, is imposed and in default of payment of fine he shall suffer one-month simple imprisonment. The challan is accordingly disposed of and shall be consigned to records after its due completion,”

Shabir Ahmad Malik, Additional Special Mobile Magistrate (Traffic), Srinagar, further ordered that all modifications be removed and the vehicle be restored to its original state.

The RTO Kashmir in Srinagar has been ordered to remove all changes made in violation of the Motor Vehicle Act and norms, and to restore the vehicle (Thar) to its original position as described in the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle as stipulated by the manufacturer.

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The violation will be charged for the cost of removing the modifications and excess fittings. The proceedings will be filmed and presented to the court.

Apart from alternative fuels, certain modifications to your vehicle are permissible if they do not deviate from the manufacturer’s original specifications, such as changing the colour of your car, minor add-ons such as rain visors and bumper corner protectors, upsizing of tyres and wheels for a lower variant to those of an upper variant within the manufacturer’s limits, and engine swapping, the latter of which requires prior permission from the RTO.

In India, such structural alterations are not permitted. The Indian Supreme Court and the Motor Vehicle Act prohibit any such modifications from being used on public highways. For many, such vehicles can be project cars, and they can be used on private properties such as a racetrack or a farmhouse. However, as in the Jammu and Kashmir event, the police may detain them on public highways and bring them before a court.



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