Mahindra XUV700 vs Scorpio-N: Which One To Buy?

Mahindra has created a similar buzz with the all-new Scorpio-N after introducing the incredibly well-liked all-new XUV700 last year. However, many customers are unsure of which vehicle to choose between the two vehicles since the brand-new Scorpio-N has entered the Indian market. There is a lengthy waiting period for both SUVs, but if you’re willing to wait and are still unsure which one is best for you, the following information should help.

What If You Want A Rugged SUV?

The Scorpio-N is the best option if you want a tough SUV. The XUV700 has more electronics than the SUV does. Scorpio is built more ruggedly than the XUV700 because it is designed for customers who frequently enjoy venturing off the paved path.

If You Want SUV For Off-Roading

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Since the Scorpio-N is built on a ladder-frame chassis, it excels in off-roading situations by default. In comparison to the XUV700, which is only suitable for light off-roading, the SUV also provides a significantly more capable AWD system. The Scorpio-N receives a low-ratio transfer case with the 4XPLOR system. Four off-roading settings are available: Normal, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Rut, and Sand. MLD and BLD differentials are also installed in the Scorpio-N, and the suspension has been modified for improved off-road performance.

Want A Techy SUV

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The XUV700 is loaded with top-notch features. The dashboard has two screens, and features like the Level-2 Autonomous Driver Assistance System are available (ADAS). In comparison to the Scorpio-N, the XUV700’s cabin also feels significantly more cutting-edge and contemporary. While the Scorpio-N offers a 7.0-inch infotainment system, the XUV700 has dual 10.25-inch displays. While the Scorpio-N receives a hybrid analogue and digital instrument cluster, the XUV700 receives a fully digital instrument cluster.

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SUV With Most Features

The feature list for the XUV700 is longer than the Scorpio- N’s. A panoramic sunroof, memory seats for the driver, an electronic parking brake, a 360-degree camera, and ADAS are some of the added features.

A Better Highway Car

The Scorpio-N is based on a ladder frame, while the Mahindra XUV700 is based on a monocoque chassis. When it comes to highway cruising and high-speed handling, monocoque chassis are much better. Furthermore, it weighs less than the Scorpio-N. Therefore, the XUV700 is a much better option if you plan to spend the majority of your time on highways.

A Better Performance SUV

The monocoque on which the XUV700 is based makes it lighter. Although the engines and transmissions in both cars are similar, the XUV700 can accelerate and reach higher speeds much more quickly than the Scorpio-N. The XUV700 feels much better to drive and handle on the highways, despite the fact that there won’t be a significant difference.

SUV With A Good Road Presence

The Mahindra Scorpio-N prevails in this case if you’re looking for blatant road presence. By no means is the XUV700 a small SUV, but the brand-new Scorpio-N is 102mm taller and 27mm wider than the XUV700. Although the Scorpio-N is slightly longer than the XUV700, the Scorpio-N stands out from the crowd due to its greater width and height.

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