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Manny Khoshbin Car Collection | Car Collector Manny Khoshbin

A Million Dollars Car Collection of Manny Khoshbin

There’s been a thing going around about the one of one $6 million Bugatti Chiron painted full white on youtube. A millionaire living in orange county California. He’s a professional businessman doing real estate and other business. His Net worth of $46million. He owns the supercar collection garage with the best of the cars in the world. Yeah, Manny Khoshbin,  president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company.

What’s Special about his car collection?

Manny Khoshbin has the best car collection in this garage worth $30 million!!

Manny Khoshbin’s car collection includes Bugattis, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, and many more cars costing millions of dollars. But the cars that make it so special are the Hermes edition four-wheels, the Pagani Huayra, Maclaren speed tail which is the recent car owner by him, and the star of his collection Bugatti Chiron.

What makes the collection so special?

The cars that put stars to Manny Khoshbin’s car collection are his Hermes edition cars, which cost double the base price for every car. Lets take a look over the best three ones.

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1. Pagani Huyara

This might be this first Hermes edition car ordered by Manny. In 2015 when he bought the Pagani manny called up Hermes for making this project come true. Hermes could build the car in about 18 months. The car cost $7million which is worth the work is done on the car by Hermes. It has a 6.0 L (366.1 cu in) twin-turbocharged Mercedes-AMG M158 V12. The engine produces a massive 720 horsepower. And has a 7-speed sequential manual. It can do a 0-100kmph in just 2.2secs with a top speed of 380 kmph.

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2. Bugatti Chiron

Manny Khoshbin’s car collection’s most significant car is the Chiron by Hermes, this car took about huge three years of work which was worth waiting for it. The car looks like the whole car was dipped in white color; with a white interior as well that requires a lot of maintenance to keep it clean. The cost of the car is $6million which is $3 million more than the standard model. It has a W16 quad-turbo engine producing 1500 horsepower. It can do 0-100 kph in just 2.4sec with a top speed of 420 kph which is electronically limited. there’s one more best thing about the car, it’s more comfortable than the base Chiron.

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3. McLaren Speedtail

Manny Khoshbin’s car collection doesn’t stop there. Recent Manny added a limited edition Mclaren speedtail and also designed by Hermes. The base speed tail costs about $2.2million but this one is a lot more than it. The car’s interior is super significant done by premium leather and beautiful finish. The car has 4.0L Twin-turbocharged V8 with a parallel hybrid system Emotor, producing a massive 746 horsepower. The top speed of this car is 403kmph and can do 0-100 in 2.9 secs.

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