Marques Brownlee Explains What It’s Like To Drive A Hummer EV Every Day


MKBHD (aka Marcus Brownlee), a popular tech YouTuber, was recently given a GMC Hummer EV for a week. During that time, he had the opportunity to learn what it was like to live with a 9,063 lb pickup on a daily basis.

MKBHD first mentioned the weight of the Hummer EV. It is roughly the size of three Honda Civics and has a massive 212 kWh battery pack. Because of its sheer size, it is not permitted to drive on some roads, as it is in the same weight class as a semi-truck in some areas. Finding parking can also be difficult; you’ll frequently be surrounded by at least one car on either side of you.

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Unsurprisingly, the GMC Hummer EV has a lot of storage space. Although not as large as the F-150 Lightning’s front truck (or “frunk”), it is still quite large. MKBHD mentioned that it can fit three or four duffel bags. The 5-foot-long bed is competitive with competitors, with plenty of sockets and even a speaker.

With its remarkably wide cabin and thick doors, the Hummer’s size is immediately apparent inside. The infotainment system is extremely responsive, and there are plenty of physical buttons. There are also a lot of cool graphics in each menu, which should come as no surprise given that Epic Games created the software for the Hummer EV. Rear passengers have plenty of leg room, and the removable glass panels are a nice touch.

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The Hummer EV drives like a regular pickup truck, despite its insane acceleration (0-60 mph takes 3 seconds). According to MKBHD, there is a lot of tyre noise as a result of its massive weight. One-pedal driving is effective, and the rear-steering allows for a surprisingly large turning circle. Crab-mode works as advertised, though you’d rarely need to use it.

MKBHD concluded that the Hummer EV is an excellent truck with numerous impressive features and a real-world range of 300 miles. He did admit, however, that it’s a little pricey, and if you’re not much of an enthusiast and just want a good all-around truck, you’re probably better off paying half the price and getting a Ford F-150 Lightning.

Source: Auto Focus (YouTube)


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