Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid and Dzire Hybrid To Launch In 2024

Maruti Suzuki India is strengthening its position in the hybrid market. Maruti Suzuki is planning to introduce strong hybrid variants of the Swift and Dzire following the launch of its first strong hybrid car in India, the Grand Vitara. Maruti Suzuki will introduce hybrid variants with the next-generation versions of both vehicles. The Swift and Dzire hybrid variants are set to become the most fuel-efficient hatchback and sedan in the Indian market.

According to Autocar, Maruti Suzuki intends to launch a strong hybrid Swift and Dzire next year. The launch is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2024. The Swift and Dzire strong hybrids, codenamed YED internally, will be powered by an all-new engine.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid

Maruti Suzuki Swift
Maruti Suzuki Swift

The new 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine, codenamed Z12E, will not be the same as the K12C. The engine will feature Toyota’s powerful hybrid technology, which we first saw in the Grand Vitara and the Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Toyota is localising the technology even more in order to reduce overall costs. This will allow manufacturers to incorporate the technology into smaller vehicles.

The Indian market has always favoured fuel-efficient vehicles. The next-generation Swift and Dzire will be the most fuel-efficient vehicles available in the Indian market. The Swift currently has a fuel efficiency of 22.56 km/l, while the Dzire has an efficiency of 24.1 km/l. The newly released Grand Vitara strong hybrid has a fuel economy of 27.97 km/l. With the introduction of the Swift and Dzire strong hybrids, we could see fuel efficiency of 35 to 40 km/l.

Dzire Hybrid

Maruti Suzuki Dzire CNG Variant Launched In India

Maruti Suzuki’s high fuel efficiency will also help it improve its CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) rating. Maruti Suzuki will benefit from the hybrids”super points’ in the CAFE II scoring system.

The cost of hybrid technology, on the other hand, will be reflected in the cost of the car. We are unsure of the exact price increase, but the hybrid technology will undoubtedly add a few lakhs to the final price of the car. According to the report, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are working to keep the price difference between the petrol and hybrid models as small as possible. The Hybrid system will be aggressively localised to achieve this.

Surprisingly, the price difference between the Grand Vitara’s strong and mild hybrid variants is about 2.6 lakh, and Maruti Suzuki intends to reduce it to around Rs 1 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki Upcoming Cars

Maruti Suzuki intends to launch a slew of vehicles next year. The brand will debut the YTB, a crossover version of the Baleno hatchback, and the Jimny five-door at the Auto Expo. In addition, Maruti Suzuki will display an all-electric concept vehicle. However, the brand believes that hybrid cars will be adopted much faster than electric vehicles, which is why it is focusing on hybrid technology.

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