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Maserati GranTurismo Folgore EV Debuting In 2023 With 1,200 HP

It will be Maserati’s first EV, en route to the brand being all-electric by 2030.

Eventually, a new Maserati GranTurismo will be released. The next-generation model was supposed to be released last year, but delays have pushed the release date back a few months. Maserati is now taking a step farther into the future by announcing the electric GranTurismo Folgore, which boasts 1,200 horsepower (895 kilowatts).

The GranTurismo Folgore will be fully shown in 2023, but teaser photographs released today give a sneak peek at how it will look. Spoiler alert: it’s hardly a radical departure from the sweeping body lines of the GT. The three photographs still show a camo-wrapped automobile covered in shadow, so we’re not getting unrestricted views. But those aero-friendly tri-spoke wheels are unmistakable, and the GranTurismo’s famous grille is present in some form at the front.

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What matters most, however, is what’s behind the surface. Maserati isn’t revealing all the beans because this is only a teaser, but we do know it rides on a new chassis with three electric motors. It will feature an 800-volt battery situated low in the car, and Maserati claims that with the power ramped up, all four wheels will be able to handle more than 1,200 hp. As a result, the 0-60 time is said to be less than three seconds, with a top speed of around 190 mph. The Italian company appears to be taking no chances with its debut foray into electrification.

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Maserati’s transition to electric power should be rather swift from there. Following the GranTurismo, the new Grecale crossover will have an electric variant in 2023. The Quattroporte and Levante, as well as the MC20, will receive dedicated EV variants by 2025. They will all be grouped under the Maserati Folgore brand, with just the electrified vehicles remaining by 2030. It’s a sudden shift for a company that has only dabbled in electric vehicles with the Levante and Ghibli hybrids. All of this, though, is part of Stellantis’ grandiose Dare Forward 2030 plan, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Maserati refused to discuss the GranTurismo Folgore’s range, charging times, or price in today’s unveiling. We’ll have to wait until next year’s official launch for that.

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