Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar Walkaround Video Shows Us the Future of Supercars

Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar Walkaround Video Shows Us the Future of Supercars
Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar Walkaround Video Shows Us the Future of Supercars

Let’s hope all hydrogen powered cars look this good.

What role will supercars play in the future? We hope they look like the new Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar, if we have any say in the matter. This creative new supercar concept is currently on display at the Slovakian Expo Pavilion in Dubai, where interested parties can see it in person. The Matador MH2 is Slovakia’s first hydrogen-powered vehicle, and it represents a significant advancement in vehicle design.

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Automobile manufacturers have three options in today’s ever-changing world of vehicle powerplants. To commemorate the end of an era, they can stick with classic internal combustion vehicles, electrification, or the unique world of hydrogen-powered automobiles. Sure, new hybrids and electric vehicles get the most of the attention, but might hydrogen-powered vehicles really be the way of the future?

The Matador company definitely believes so, and their stunning MH2 concept car is a superb demonstration of the brand’s technical prowess as well as its commitment to alternative fuels. The Matador MH2 is propelled by a one-of-a-kind hydrogen propulsion technology developed by TUKE in Slovakia. Matador boasts 600 horsepower (450 kW), a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h), and a 0-60 mph time of only 3.9 seconds, all while emitting zero pollutants.

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This remarkable green drivetrain provides competitive performance while also providing customers with a zero-emission vehicle that does not rely on a charging network like an electric vehicle. In fact, with the right infrastructure in place, Matador MH2 owners could fill up their tanks with hydrogen as quickly as they could fill up their gas tanks in an internal combustion car. This novel fuel source addresses a number of issues that plague both electric vehicles and vehicles fuelled by fossil fuels.

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Matador Group began as one of the world’s earliest car tyre providers in 1905. Matador concentrated on tyre manufacture and development until 2007, when it sold its tyre division to Continental in a joint venture. Thanks to a joint venture with Auffer Design, Matador was able to grow into one of Europe’s largest Tier 1 automotive parts suppliers. With the MH2 idea, Matador Group is channelling all of its experience into its vision of the future, which marks the beginnings of something truly unique from this Slovakia-based company.

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