The automobile industry is poised for change, and automakers are producing some of the most intriguing vehicles in decades. Electric powertrains and fast improving battery technology are attracting a growing number of small producers. Wolfgang’s new IP Division, which focuses on original innovations and cutting-edge design, has unveiled the next one-of-a-kind vehicle. Their new Thundertruck design offers a fresh perspective on the quickly evolving EV truck revolution, with elements we’ve never seen before on a truck.

In this fun design exercise, we experiment with new automotive features to see what the future of trucks may look like. The Thundertruck takes the notion of an electric all-terrain truck to a new level, with intriguing concepts rendered in stunning 3D models that offer us a one-of-a-kind perspective on off-future.

It is significantly more difficult to turn interesting concepts into a suggested vehicle than it is to build a manufacturing vehicle. Designers may let their imaginations run wild and come up with unrestricted concepts thanks to the absence of constraints on representations. Consider the Thundertruck’s range extender, which is an additional pair of wheels that links to the back of the truck. This unique function extends the range by 160 miles, bringing the overall range to 560 miles. The range extender also converts the Thundertruck to a 6×6 with increased off-road capability.

A big solar awning helps power your vehicle during extended Overlanding trips, among other interesting features. With the additional shade provided by the awning, camping becomes even easier and more enjoyable. This practical EV truck is the ideal example of how future vehicles will be able to provide consumers with even more capabilities owing to their EV architecture.


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