Mercedes-Benz Announces Mythos Sub-Brand, SL Speedster

Grandeur, opulence, luxury, exclusivity. That’s all that goes through the top minds at Mercedes-Benz nowadays. The German car manufacturer is introducing to the world a new ultra-luxurious sub-brand called Mythos.

Mercedes-Benz wants to move upmarket, announcing on Thursday that it’s planning to cut the number of entry-level models the brand offers in favor of larger-volume, greater-profit high-end models. Part of that plan will be the expansion of the Maybach model line, which will be creating a superluxury version of the new SL roadster.

This is an interesting move, as the seventh-generation SL was designed, developed and engineered by Mercedes’ AMG performance arm, and it’s branded as a Mercedes-AMG and not a Mercedes-Benz. Virtually no details about the Mercedes-Maybach SL were given beyond just the announcement that it’s happening, but two teaser images do give us an idea of what to expect.

What’s happening
Mercedes teased a Maybach version of the SL roadster.
Why it matters
It will be the first ever Maybach SL.
What’s next
The Maybach SL should be revealed within the next year.

The Maybach SL will be the first SL in history to wear an upright three-pointed star hood ornament, which is pretty funny to see on a modern sports car. It’ll also get the large, chrome Maybach waterfall grille, a unique bumper design with more chrome trim and a two-tone color scheme with a black hood that features a repeating Maybach logo pattern. Beyond what’s visible in the images expect different wheels, additional chrome trim on the body, a new rear bumper and other subtle tweaks. While we doubt the Maybach SL will have a stretched wheelbase for more interior room, it should have fancier interior trimmings like additional metal pieces and plush leather upholstery. 

Mercedes also announced a new Mythos branch that will create superlimited, highly desirable vehicles based on existing models, similar to what competing luxury brands do. The first will be a speedster version of the SL, the silhouette of which was teased by design chief Gorden Wagener. It seems like each Mythos vehicle could be inspired by a different model from Mercedes’ past, which could be a wide range of vehicle types.