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Mercedes-Benz GLC Breaks Tractor Into Two Part After High-speed Collision

There’s a reason why German automobiles are regarded as the best-built in the industry. Whether it’s an entry-level hatchback like the Volkswagen Polo or a high-end luxury car like the BMW 7-Series, all of them have tough-as-nails build quality. German offerings have repeatedly demonstrated their tough construction in severe accidents, in which they suffer minimal damage compared to the other vehicle involved in the crash. Something similar happened in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, when a Mercedes-Benz GLC collided with a tractor, splitting it in half.

The accident in question occurred on the Chandragiri bypass road near Tirupati, when a black Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV collided with a tractor coming from the opposite direction in the wrong lane. The collision caused damage to the GLC’s front left portion, breaking the headlamp and bumper. Surprisingly, the tractor split into two halves as a result of the collision.

A video of the accident has emerged on the internet, showing the tractor split into two halves from the middle. Despite the severity of the accident, the tractor driver miraculously escaped with minor injuries. (phenterminereviews.org) Furthermore, the occupants of the GLC are said to be safe, with no major injuries.

Mercedes-Benz GLC breaks a tractor into two after high-speed collision: Passengers safe [Video]

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Driving in the opposite direction has become a common annoyance on Indian roads. People who drive in opposite lanes in the wrong direction endanger not only their own lives, but also the lives of other motorists who follow the rules. In many parts of the country, such carelessness is tolerated even by traffic cops, allowing offenders to continue with their reckless behavior.

While German automobiles are known for their tank-like construction, not every occupant survives such accidents. Cyrus Mistry, a well-known businessman, was killed recently while traveling in a Mercedes Benz GLC that was involved in an accident in Maharashtra.

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